Watch out! Godzilla is smashing Midtown! This exclusive Midtown Comics cover for GODZILLA: MONSTER WORLD #1 will be available March 30th for only $3.99!

GODZILLA: MONSTER WORLD will be co-written by Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh with art from Phil Hester.

In GODZILLA: MONSTER WORLD, a full-scale apocalypse is brewing. The monsters are a force of nature whose attacks can be no more predicted or rationalized than a lightning strike. There will be no clean-cut heroes with perfectly chiseled chins and capes billowing in the wind; only ordinary human beings struggling desperately to survive in a world gone mad. GODZILLA will be joined by many other monsters throughout the series, including MOTHRATM, KING GHIDORAHTM, RODANTM and more that have never before been featured in an American comic book series alongside King of the Monsters!

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