Welcome to the next installment of C.C. Banana’s adventures at the 2011 New York Comic Con! Today the Banana (in the guise of Wolverine) takes on the great Cully Hamner. As with most C.C. Banana interviews, it starts off serious but then takes a few unexpected turns! Fortunately, Cully has long enjoyed the Banana’s rock star encounters so he knows how to roll with the punches.

Who will emerge victorious in this ferocious fruit face-off? Read on and find out, bub!

C.C. BANANA: What are your thoughts on the “Red” feature film?

Cully Hamner: It was cool and I was really happy with it. The first 15 minutes were very similar to the book and then they kind of went off in their own direction, but I thought it was a lot of fun.

C.C. BANANA: Do you think you’ll ever return to drawing the Blue Beetle?

Cully Hamner: I’ll never say never! I designed the character and I love the character. Plus, I love what Keith, John and I did so I’d love to come back at some point.

Which of your recordings earned you more money, “U Can’t Touch This” or “2 Legit 2 Quit?”

Cully Hamner: Ah, those were my darker days! Obviously, I didn’t earn money from either of those songs because that was M.C. Hammer. I’m Cully Hamner. I wish I had those pants, though!

C.C. BANANA: Okay, then how did you come up with that catchy theme music for “Miami Vice?”

Cully Hamner: I just took a lot of drugs and when I woke up, the theme was there. That’s how a lot of creative people work. Although that wasn’t me, that was Jan Hammer. I’m Cully Hamner.

C.C. BANANA: So how do you even find the time to play lead guitar in Metallica?

Cully Hamner: Oh, there’s always time since we only make an album every few years. And I’m not counting that new one with Lou Reed! But you’re thinking of Kirk Hammett. I’m Cully Hamner!

C.C. BANANA: So you’re not even a musician at all?

Cully Hamner: I’m just a man of many names and many colors.

C.C. BANANA: I’m sorry, I can’t talk to you anymore.

Come back tomorrow to see which New York Comic Con creator C.C. Banana will take on next!

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