Midtown Bloggageddons! Raph here, and this time I got to talk with Allan Heinberg about the conclusion of Avengers: Children’s Crusade. Haven’t read it yet? It’s in stores now! It’s going to have major repercussions for the Marvel U, and specifically AvX… so here we go!

Allan Heinberg

1)Allan, this finale has been a long time coming, how does it feel to close this chapter on Young Avengers?

ALLAN HEINBERG: It’s extremely bittersweet for me.  Having lived with this book and these characters for so many years now, I am missing them now that it’s over.  And I’m definitely missing the thrill of receiving jaw-dropping, new pages from Jim every month.  And Mark’s inks.  And Justin’s colors.

A portent of things to come…

2) This series leads into the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men story, what kind of changes did you have to make to the story to accommodate that? Did the other creators and editors need to make concessions for you?

AH: I was never asked to make any changes to Crusade to accommodate AvX.  I pitched the Crusade story at a Marvel retreat a few years ago, and the editors and my fellow creators at Marvel were kind enough to start building what would become AvX where Crusade left off.  I remain extremely grateful to them for the generosity and patience.
3) It seems like you’ve left the Young Avengers at a place where someone else can pick them up… will you ever come back to this group?

AH: I’d love to come back if Marvel will have me.  I’m very invested in these characters and would like nothing more than to continue telling their stories.
4) You’re a very busy and successful Hollywood writer, do you have any plans for more comics in the future? Is there a dream project you’ve yet to work on that you’d like to?

AH: I have no concrete comics plans as yet, but I love the Marvel Universe and am eager to come up with a story worthy of its characters.

Check out the last issue for Allan’s favorite moment!
5) Is there a moment from your time as a comic book writer you enjoyed particularly? Maybe a moment you wrote or an encounter?

AH: Working with Jim Cheung has been one of the chief pleasure of my creative life.  And our editor, Tom Brevoort has been an extraordinary source of insight and support.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to create and develop the Young Avengers with Jim and Tom.  And I’m still astonished — and grateful — that we were able to present the Billy/Teddy relationship with so much candor and freedom.  The marriage proposal at the end of Crusade #9 turned out to be one of my favorite moments in the series.


So that’s it Bloggageddons… Allan did a great job not only with this series, but also with creating the Young Avengers concept, one of the best additions to the Marvel Universe in recent memory. Here’s hoping Allan comes back to this idea, and that Marvel continues to use these great characters! And remember, you can pick up Avengers Children’s Crusade here!

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–       Raph

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