21 Aug, 2012


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In honor of Jack Kirby’s upcoming birthday on August 28th, Jillian Kirby, the 16-year-old granddaughter of Jack Kirby, have put together Kirby4Heroes, a fundraising effort for the Hero Initiative.

Jillian Kirby came up with an idea to honor her grandfather by using his birthday (August 28th, 1917) to help other comic creators in need. Young Jillian has asked that everyone donate to the Hero Initiative on Tuesday, August 28th, 2012.


What does Hero Initiative do? Hero helps out creators who are in need of assistance financially, as well as helping them to find to work in the industry again. These people contributed to all the works that we know and love, and as fans, we can help them through Hero Initiative. Kirby4Heroes is also going to be helping certain art and science museums, because Jack’s influence spreads beyond comics: he didn’t just create superheroes, he created visions of the future, and inspired people to bring that wondrous technology into reality (Hey Apple, can you guys put Boom Tube tech in your next iPhone release?).

Here’s how you can help:

– Go to the Hero Initiative website and DONATE on August 28th, 2012. The payment is done via PayPal, and in the special instructions type in “Kirby4Heroes”.

– Send donations to this address:

c/o The Hero Initiative
11301 Olympic Blvd., #587
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Personally, I’ve known artists who were down and out and could use the help of an organization like Hero. I also am a huge fan of Jack, not only for his work: he also grew up in the same neighborhood I did! I’m going to donate on the 28th in honor of the King of Comics, and my fellow Lower East Sider, Jack Kirby… I hope you do so as well. Jack gave this world a lot, and we need to give back to people like him, because without them, our world would be a little less colorful, and the magic of comics wouldn’t be what it is today.

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