Our hearts go out to everyone who is suffering due to the effects of hurricane Sandy.  Many of our friends in the five boroughs of NYC, including lower Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, as well as in New Jersey–Little Ferry, Hackensack, and most shore points, are dealing with catastrophic loss of property, housing, and even loss of life in some cases.  In the face of such a disaster, most want to help out, and many have organized drives for food, clothing, and cleaning materials.  At Midtown Comics, we would like to recommend a couple of ways to contribute much-needed supplies and funds.

Funds can be contributed to the American Red Cross specifically for hurricane Sandy relief here.

The Salvation Army is looking for donations of clothing, other items, and/or funds. Click here for more info.

Tragedy in our own backyard:

Over the weekend, some friends of ours in New Jersey organized a drive to donate children’s clothes, food, and cleaning materials for people in Little Ferry, NJ, and lots of people eagerly contributed many bags of goods. A group of us went to deliver all of the donated goods, and the scene that we found there was heartbreaking.  Homes had been flooded with several feet of water, with the contents–and in some cases even some walls–had been destroyed and/or washed away.  We know this kind of tragedy is being felt in many areas in and around NYC, and as hectic as things are for everyone, it’s hard to find the time to help out.  In that spirit, we offer links to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, as they are the experts in disaster relief.

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