13 Mar, 2013

Irish Superheroes

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Saint Patrick’s Day is an excellent time to reflect on some of the most famous—and not so famous—superheroes of Irish descent! We hope you enjoy the following list that includes of some of the greatest comic book heroes of all time.

DAREDEVIL: Matt Murdock is perhaps one of the more famous Irish-American heroes. Born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen, Matt sure has NOT had the Luck O’the Irish. Between getting blinded in an accident (that gave him his powers), losing his dad, watching one of his girlfriends get killed by his archenemy Bullseye (it’s ok, she came back from the dead), an unfortunate bright yellow original outfit and having multiple enemies try to mess with his life after being outed as Daredevil… you thought it wasn’t easy being green, try being red!

Recommended reading: Daredevil by Mark Waid, Daredevil Yellow, Daredevil Born Again

BANSHEE: Sean Cassidy is a mutant born with the ability to yell. Really loud. Like a Banshee. Clearly, mutants existed in the past in the Marvel Universe! Sean was a longtime X-Man, joining the team when Xavier lost the original 5 X-Men during the Krakoa event, before dying in the Messiah CompleX story. He’s not the only one involved in superpowered shenanigans, as his cousin Black Tom is a professional criminal and his daughter Siryn is a member of X-Factor.

Recommended reading: Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men vol. 1Generation X Classic

ANT-MAN III: Eric O’Grady The third Ant-Man, Eric O’Grady is a self-serving, reluctant super-hero who works for the government. With his suit of techno-armor, the “irredeemable Ant-Man” can alter his size, fly with a jetpack and talk to ants (though he’s not very good at that since he hasn’t practiced).

Recommended reading: Irredeemable Ant-Man, Secret Avengers

GREEN LANTERN: Kyle Rayner became Green Lantern after the destruction of the GL Corps at the hands of a Parallax infested Hal Jordan. Receiving a new ring from Ganthet, Kyle has pretty much been the luckiest GL ever. Girlfriend troubles aside (Women in Refrigerators? That started ‘cuz of Kyle), Kyle is not only the Torchbearer GL, but he also became the living embodiment of will when he fused with Ion, as well as very recently becoming the first multi-spectrum White Lantern.

Recommended reading: Green Lantern Corps: Recharge, Sinestro Corps War, Green Lantern: New Guardians

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Steve Rogers was born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to Irish immigrants, Sarah and Joseph. Steve was always frail, but had the courage and heart to enlist multiple times in the army, despite his physical deficiency. The Super Soldier serum gave Steve a chance to serve his country, and he fights for America to this day.

Recommended Reading: Captain America: Winter Soldier, Marvel Masterworks Avengers vol. 1, Civil War

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