19 Feb, 2014

Weekly Indie Picks & Tips For Finding Hard to Find Comics!

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          Hey, Liz again!  I’ve been working at Midtown Comics for a year and a half or so, as a Customer Service Specialist in our offices. That means, if you’ve discovered the incredible convenience of ordering your comics online to be shipped right to your door, you’ve probably spoken to me. I hear from comic fans all day, every day, and one question I get a lot is, “how do I know which indie books to buy?” It can be hard to stay in the know when there’s so much great stuff being published at the moment. Here are just a few tips on staying indie-savvy:

    1. Previews! I know, It’s huge and there are so many pages. Ugh. Inside, though, lurk solicits from indie/creator-owned publishers who want you to find their books AND get them at a sweet discount. Browse monthly for cover images that entice you and then do research on the internet if you need more convincing. The final step is making sure you pre-order that issue. Really! It’s important because you save some change, but you also support the creative team directly, by letting their publisher know that you care and want that book. It also lets retailers know that people are excited, so we can prepare to provide you with more of what you really want!
    2. Cons. You don’t have to dress up, but you should show up. It can be hectic, but creative teams and publishers come out to conventions with all intention of showing you what they’ve really got. You’ll find books you didn’t know were already out, along with books they’re just announcing before they’re even available.
    3. Follow writers and artists you already know and love. This is a tried and true method of finding awesome new books that aren’t being advertised everywhere. Are you a fan of Jason Aaron (Amazing X-Men, Thor)? I definitely am. You may find tons of info on his current Marvel endeavors on the Internet, but if you keep your eye open for his name specifically, fans of his amazing Vertigo series Scalped will learn that Southern Bastards, his new Image published, creator-owned series is due out in April of this year, and is available for pre-order now.

                With all that being said, keep your eyes and ears open, and great new books will come to you. I promise.  As always, follow the jump to find my picks for this week’s new releases!




            This first issue is quick, so pay attention. You’ll meet the White Suits, quite a few gangsters (some still living, others not so lucky), an amnesiac who intends to get to the bottom of his lost memory, and an agent with seemingly mutual interests. The sharp-tongued Frank J. Barbiere is insanely artist-friendly (as per usual) in this raw but elegant first issue. I was blown away by the beautiful canvas Toby Cypress created, with interesting inking and coloring choices, which set up deep tension, even before you move on to the aggressive dialogue. This dark, pulpy, and intensely unpredictable story will leave you yearning to put the pieces together, but I for one, intend to watch this tale unravel, and let it take me along with it.

Thanks for checking out my picks this week, guys. I’ll be back next Wednesday, with more fun for your eyes!


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