THIS JUST IN! Remember the New Rochelle collection? The private owner collection with some of the nicest looking books from the Golden Age to the Silver Age? Well, all three locations just got in the last batch of books.
·Times Square Got in a huge run of Superman From #59-#271!
·Grand Central received a nice run of Strange tales! All early Steranko!
·Downtown just put up their Avengers run From #5-#57!

When you see the word ‘new’ in a title, it comes with a minimum amount of expectation. For example, the New Mutants offered exactly what it advertised: newly created characters who happened to be mutants. But when New Avengers came onto the scene in 2004, the newness seemed disingenuous at best. The initial roster included Captain America, who had been around since the 1940s, Spider-man and Iron Man from the early 60s, Luke Cage from the early 70s, and new kid on the block, Spider-Woman, who debuted in 1977. If that’s what passes for ‘new’, then I’d like to forward the motion to redefine the words ‘young’ and ‘handsome’.

No, the newness of these Avengers was not a matter of age or experience, but rather circumstances. At the time this group formed, the core team had been disbanded in the wake of the Avengers Disassembled storyline, and the iconic members were essentially Earth’s Mightiest Freelancers. A prison break drew the heroes to the same place at the same time, someone decided they should keep working together, and voila — a team was born! With a more eclectic lineup than the regular Avengers, the stories seemed more character driven as they intersected with the events of Civil War,Secret Invasion, and Dark Reign before dissolving the team at the end of the Siegestoryline with the Finale one-shot. The group reactivated and functioned adjacent to the regular team for 34 issues as New Avengers Vol. 2, which was followed by the currentVol. 3, which features the Illuminati, the cabal of heroes featured in the New Avengers Illuminati mini-series and Special.

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Dear Television Production Person,

If you are seeking the next comic book property that would make an awesome television series, you should look no further than Deadman. Deadman was introduced in Strange Adventures back in 1967, and is about a murdered trapeze artist who is given the chance to bring his killer to justice. Though he exists in an astral form, he is able to enter and possess the body of living people, controlling their actions for as long as necessary, and leaving the host with no memory of this when he departs. In Hollywood ‘pitch’-speak, it’s basically a cross between the Fugitive and Quantum Leap, with some supernatural mysticism thrown in. In the comics, the character frequently interacts with super-heroes, but is not so connected to that continuity that it would bog down the stories (though the occasional ‘easter-egg’ for the fans is always welcome). For more info, check out: Deadman, Vol. 1, which reprints the earliest appearances; Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 featured new stories, as did the Vertigo imprint Deadman Vol. 4. Other notable stories appeared in Deadman Dead Again,Deadman ExorcismDeadman Love After DeathDC Universe PresentsJustice League Dark, and a feature in the acclaimed weekly, Wednesday Comics.

P.S. I am available as a creative consultant, or low level producer if needed. Have your people call my people.

-Brian Jay

Justice League of America
Vol. 1

Savage Dragon
Vol. 2


Further Adventures of Indiana Jones

Marvel Tales

Justice Machine
Vol. 2

Vol. 1

Tales of the Legion

Tales of the Teen Titans

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up

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