By Jacobus Dixon

While he still had a little ways to go in terms of reaching Superman levels of fame, Batman was still a pretty big hit for National Comics. But with the addition of Robin, that popularity doubled to the point where National thought it would be a good idea to give him his own title. Even with characters like Superman, there was always a little trepidation on giving a character their own magazine. Mostly because there was always the question of: “well, yeah…People like their individual stories, but will they read four consecutive stories with that character?” So far, Superman’s appearances in two magazines hadn’t hurt his image. But Batman wasn’t Superman…

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By Michael Kim

Would you consider framing your comic book…..FOR MURDER?!?!?!?!?!?!

Hello Midtowners, this is Michael from the back issues department for another blog entry on protecting your collection.  On the last entry we talked about how bag and boards could protect your book as well as damage it by causing spine roll.  However, using larger bag and boards could prevent this.  Replacing your bag and boards is a case-by-case situation — both could go through wear and tear depending on how much you read the book.  Look for signs of acid burn, tears, wrinkles, etc.  Focusing on the key or money books might be a good start. If possible, keep your collection in a cool (temperature) room.  “Chemistry is the study of transformation”  thank you Walter White/Heisnberg!  Inside that bag and boarded comic book is a series of chemical reactions.  At high temperatures and humidity, chemical reactions accelerate, which affects the book, board, and bag.

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The whole team is finally in the same room for an episode!  Midtown Comics Downtown Manager Ted, Grand Central Manager Dimitrios, Jill of All Trades Sam, Marketing Manager Andrew, and customer Gavin are together for the first time.  Dimitrios was even nice enough to bring along a random stranger off the street that he met on the subway earlier that day!

We catch up on the each other’s week, talk about last week’s audio problems, and Sam tells us about a small independent press expo she’s involved in called Paper Jam.

We talk to Becky Cloonan about her upcoming book she’s writing Gotham Academy, and what it’s like to be writing a book in the bat universe.  The gang all took a quiz to see how well they know high school Becky and the results are not what you think. Becky answers questions from the audience and teases us with Zucchini Bread.

We tell you what we thought the best of the week was and how confused we are with Multiversity #1 and what we’re looking forward to next week.

Andrew is called out on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and accepts it during the show. Who does he nominate?

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Labor Day Sale

Midtown Comics is open on Labor Day!

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