The Midtown Comics New Hyde Park team is looking to add a new member to its awesome and mighty roster! Could that new person be you? Read on to see if you’re qualified!

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Kraven by Skottie Young

Article by Gregg Katzman (and excellent Kraven pic by Skottie Young)

Marvel has a lot of interesting villains. From cosmic heavy-hitters like Thanos to criminal masterminds like the Kingpin, there are a lot of foes who are full of story potential. But, believe it or not, my favorite fiend is one of Spider-Man’s longtime enemies: Sergei Kravinoff, a.k.a. Kraven the Hunter – okay, I guess it’s probably not that hard to believe if you’ve read the title of the article. In fact, I like the guy so much that this is my second time writing about why I think he deserves a comic – the reason is different this time around, though – and, I kid you not, I recently bought myself a bust of the character as an early wedding gift for myself!

To some, Kraven’s a man in a silly costume that occasionally gets punched in the face by Spidey. But to me, he’s a more complex villain – a man who clearly isn’t a good guy (despite technically once being an Avenger!), but he still has his own code of honor. He’s not the kind of guy who wants to blow up a city or take over the world – his stories are smaller in scale and character-driven. He simply wants to be proud of himself and his family. He wants them to be courageous, strong, and able to overcome any obstacle in their way. But what if he wanted to change his ways and use his talents for something more noble? The latest issue of Howard the Duck has placed Kraven on the path to becoming an antihero, and now it’s up to Marvel to capitalize on this story! Yes, the comic focused on being a hilarious comedy, but there’s a legitimately awesome possibility with the character here!

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Article by Jarrett Kruse


Midtown Comics & AFJ were lucky enough this month to meet up with two of the busiest Junkies in the toy business. Zach & Chuck (see credentials below) are two of the most important cogs in the Diamond Select Toys operation which is a “spin-off” of their very well known parent company, Diamond Comic Distributors which as we all know is the only game in town. Now the sights are set on complete pop culture world domination as DST continues to wow toy Junkies everywhere with their wide and varied lines of not just action figures but all sorts of licensed products ranging from statues, vinyl banks, Minimates and full-size vehicles from your favorite TV & Movie properties.

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This week! Gregg and Ted sit down with Peter J Tomasi and Ian Bertram to discuss their new comic Penance from Dark Horse Comics! Plus, Gavin and Ted chat about the early reviews of Captain America: Civil War, how Warren Beatty wants to do another Dick Tracy, the Doctor Strange trailer, and Ted finally finishes Daredevil season 2! Plus top picks and more!

Order House of Penance #1 here:

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Midtown Comics is joining forces with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help find a cure for blood cancers. You can join the fight to save lives – and you’ll save a whole lot of money, too! From 4/13/2016 to 4/19/2016, you can get up to 75% off EVERYTHING – yes, a whopping 75%! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! This includes comics, back issues, select comicsback issues, graphic novels, manga, statues, action figures, collectibles, apparel, and MORE. This applies to online only.

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wh sale banner

It’s time for another epic sale at our warehouse over in LIC, Queens! We’re offering up to 50% OFF back issues, action figures, graphic novels, collectibles, DVDs, and more!  The first warehouse sale was a huge success – hundreds of fans walked away with some great additions to their collection, and they saved a whole lot of cash! So, we’re going to do the MEGA WAREHOUSE SALE all over again! It’s a sale so big that it warranted using bold and caps lock! Our warehouse is easy to get to, and only minutes from Grand Central Station.  See below for detailed travel instructions.

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