By Tom Hairston

I’m just going to start this review off by saying, Lionsgate, you can go ahead and cancel that Power Rangers movie you’re working on, because Disney just beat you to it and did it a hundred times better than I could have imagined! Now, before I get too far ahead of myself let me back up and explain what I’m talking about — I got to see an early showing of Big Hero 6 that was hosted by the great representatives at Disney, and they asked us to wait to review it. By respecting their wishes I’ve been sitting on this review for almost a month now, about to explode from the need to talk about this movie, because simply put, this movie is so good you have to talk about it! This is one of those movies where after you see it you have to go out and find people who have also seen it so you can all geek out over how fun it is, and then go and see it again of course. Read on for the full review below!

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Just in time for Halloween – Ted, Sam, and Gavin share their favorite scary movies and comics.  They also discuss the best time to stop trick or treating and the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Three announcement from last week. (Spoiler they love Captain Marvel!) Finally they give you their top picks of the week and what they’ll grab first on the shelf next week. Share your costumes with us and Gavin just may leave something at the counter for you!

Check out Gavin’s yearly Halloween video here!

Check out @dangeryak’s top 5 scary comics video here

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Eisner Award winning writer, Brian K. Vaughan will be at Midtown Comics Downtown on Thursday, December 18th for a signing of Saga Vol 4 TP and Saga Deluxe Vol 1 HC.

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Gavin, Sam, Andrew, and Ted are joined in-store by Editor-In-Chief of Papercutz, Jim Salicrup.  Jim tells how he helped create one of Spider-man’s deadliest enemies Venom, paved the way for characters to cross over into different books, and the history of Papercutz.  From Ernest & RebeccaPower Rangers, and The Smurfs, to the popular WWE Superstars, we get just a small example of the titles they put out.

We give our take on the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer and explain the differences it has with the Brian Michael Bendis book of the same name.

Finally we give our hot picks for the week and what we are looking forward to next week and Andrew spills some secrets on some events that we’ll be hosting at the store over the next few months!

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By Andrew Cohen

Where do we even begin? Like always, we had a blast at this year’s New York Comic Con 2014! Our Midtown Comics booth #2036 was constantly packed all weekend long with comic book fans of all ages—some new faces and some familiar faces as well! We also had the chance to interview some awesome cosplayers, some old friends of Midtown, and some Zombie crawlers! Read on for exclusive coverage of this year’s NYCC 2014!

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