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Article by John Quinones

Dynamite Comics revives two classic heroes in an ultimate team up that will have any fan rejoicing.  This is not another satirical look at the Lone Ranger or the Green Hornet. This is a period piece that finally, puts our heroes in the same era and it’s brilliantly interwoven within historical facts and figures of the time.

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Article by Enrique Varona

Comics are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Each week, top creators from around the world produce some of the finest art you will see. Gracing the front of sensational comics, different covers allow us to venture into astounding worlds painfully crafted through pen, pencil, or tablet. We here at Midtown Comics love seeing what different artists bring to the table, and want to showcase these fantastic works of art with you! Here are some of our favorite covers for this upcoming week, as well as some honorable mentions!

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Batman cover

Article by Gregg Katzman; cover by David Finch and Jordie Bellaire

This week, six DC Rebirth comics go on sale: Justice League: Rebirth #1, Batman #2, Aquaman #2, Green Lanterns #2, Superman #2, and Green Arrow #2. Well, I’ve read Batman #2 (by Tom King, David Finch, Jordie Bellaire, Matt Banning, and Danny Miki) and I’m here to tell you that it’s awesome. Were you planning to read Batman #2 no matter what I say about it? Odds are the answer is yes for many of you, but some of you out there may still be on the fence, or maybe you completely forgot that a new Dark Knight comic is available tomorrow. If you’re one of those people, hopefully the upcoming babbling will convince you to give it a shot. And for those already looking forward to the comic, I hope this gets you even more excited to read the Caped Crusader’s upcoming issue. Now, I’ll stop with the vague praise and get a little more specific, but don’t worry, this article is spoiler-free! 

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Article by Jarrett Kruse

Toy Fair is the Super Bowl for Action Figure Junkies and this year was a big one for AFJ, personally, since I got snowed out two of the four days in 2015. So it was all business for me in 2016 with a solid 16 appointments set up and a madcap schedule for the four day marathon event. By the time I came around to my DC COLLECTIBLES walk-through, I was pretty much spent for the day desperate to take a knee.  However, as if the doctor had pulled the paddles out and yelled, “CLEAR!!” to his staff, new life was brought to me in the form of DC COLLECTIBLES’ court jester, Mr. Jim Fletcher.

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It’s almost time for another epic sale at our warehouse over in LIC, Queens! We’ve refreshed our stock and we’re offering up to 50% OFF back issues, action figures, graphic novels, collectibles, DVDs, and more on Saturday, June 18th, from 10am-5pm!  The first warehouse sale was a huge success – hundreds of fans walked away with some great additions to their collection, and they saved a whole lot of cash! So, we’re going to do the MEGA WAREHOUSE SALE all over again! It’s a sale so big that it warranted using bold and caps lock! Our warehouse is easy to get to, and only minutes from Grand Central Station.  See below for detailed travel instructions.
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Article by Enrique Varona. Art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.


My first issue of the Flash changed the way I looked at comics. It was during the Geoff Johns run, and the Flash was teaming up with Nightwing, fighting against Gorilla Grodd in the Flash Museum. It was an immediately exciting issue, but there was something more to it that hooked me; The Flash Museum itself. The Flash was smashing through exhibits focused on his villains, while Grodd tore through statues in his quest to vanquish his foe. There was a history to these characters, and their world. Nightwing and Flash were best friends, and referenced their past. It was a whole world of curiosity and adventure. With DC Rebirth, I feel this same sense of adventure. I feel a history, I feel a curiosity, I feel a smile creeping across my face as I turn every page. And it’s a feeling I welcome.

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