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Logan cover

Director James Mangold’s hugely anticipated Wolverine movie, Logan, is almost here! We’re anxious to watch Hugh Jackman’s performance as the brutal X-Man and the cinematic debut of X-23, but now you – yes, you – have the chance to see it EARLY in New York! There’s going to be a special red carpet screening of the film on February 24th (Friday), and we’ve joined forces with 20th Century Fox to give some very lucky X-Men fans the chance to attend this star-studded event! Want to get a seat? Read the easy rules below, bub.

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Holy raffle, Batman! Midtown Comics and Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers are joining forces to become the new Dynamic Duo, and we have a fun opportunity for you: free tickets to The LEGO Batman Movie! Want to win a pair of tickets to see the fun movie at the awesome theater? The movie is on Thursday (2/9) at 6:45pm. Enter below!

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Holy great contest, Batman! To celebrate the release of The LEGO Batman Movie, we’re offering all of the cool Caped Crusader fans out there the chance to see an advanced screening! Want a ticket? Click the link below!

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Resident Evil

The action-packed movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter opens this Friday! To celebrate director Paul W.S. Anderson’s fast-paced film, we’re giving away a phenomenal poster signed by Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, William Levy, Eoin Macken, and director Paul W.S. Anderson! Want to be the lucky winner of this very cool collectible? All you have to do is enter the raffle below!
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Bendis Skottie Young

Miles Morales. Daredevil. The New Avengers. Jessica Jones. Those are just a few of the many characters that have unforgettable adventures written by Brian Michael Bendis. Now, you – yes, YOU – have the chance to meet the Marvel mastermind! We’re hosting a very limited Q&A fan event with Bendis, and he’s even going to sign your comics, too! This must-attend event for Marvel fans will take place on Tuesday (1/31) night. Do you want to attend? Read on to find out how!

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He is vengeance. He is the night. He is… Tom King! The current Batman writer stopped by Midtown Comics to celebrate Batman #12 with a mega signing, and while he was here he didn’t sign just comics… he also signed a Batman The Animated Series action figure! Now, one of you will have the chance to add this autographed figure to your collection! Will it be you? Enter the raffle below!
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