This week Thor flies solo without Dimitrios! Thankfully writer Jon Price stops by to talk about his book MAGUS. Thor and Jon also get into their experiences being in Nerd Rock bands and the evolution of geek cool.

This week we talk to writer Sam Sarkar about his upcoming Image comic THE VAULT and Thor and Dimitrios give their review for the Green Lantern film.

This week Dimitrios is joined by cartoonist Alex Robinson and trivia champ Sergio as they play the all new game, “Did it really happen in comics?”

This week Thor and Dimitrios talk to Marvel writer Christos Gage about his work on the hit series Avengers Academy. We also go into detail about writing the upcoming  Captain America: Super Solider video game and the new Dark Horse series Angel and Faith!

This week Thor and Dimitrios discus upcoming comic movie news, including X-Men First Class, and the new Power Man trailer. Plus we hear from Danish artist Palle Schmidt about his IDW graphic novel THE DEVIL’S CONCUBINE!

This week we talk with Vertigo editor Mark Doyle about his work on Scott Snyder’s American Vampire, the future of Vertigo Comics at DC Entertainment and what Mark looks for in a great pitch. Turns out it’s not Sandman meets Doom Patrol…