Superman Earth One artist Shane Davis talks to Thor and Dimitrios about his work on the book and drops some major insight into Superman Earth One Volume 2! Also, Monkey dating.

We recently teamed up with and the Geek Girls Network to sponsor the Geek Girls Sleepover. Five lovely ladies talking comics in their PJ’s! What’s not to love?! Even our very own Midtown TV host ZoĆ« got in on the fun! Don’t worry, Dimitrios was on his best behavior.

This week writer Frank Marraffino stops by to chat about his upcoming MARVEL ZOMBIES: SUPREME mini series, and his work on the recent HAUNTED TANK mini series from Vertigo.

This week writer Jimmy Palmiotti stops by to talk about his book, Time Bomb from Radical Comics. We also ask him about the creative process that goes into Jonah Hex, and hear how Jimmy’s been saying comics were cool ever since the 90’s.

This week artist Amy Reeder stops by to talk about her work on the Madame Xanadu Vol. 3 trade and the upcoming Batwoman title with J. H. Williams III.

This week Thor is away and Dimitrios rounds up a group of what he calls “Rowdy Folk” that consist of some new employees and some of his favorite customers to give the picks for the week. Have a listen to the madness that is “Rowdy Folk!”