This week Thor and Dimitrios talk with artist Brad Walker about his work on the all new Heroes For Hire, teaming back up with his Guardians of the Galaxy writers, Abnett and Lanning, and Luke Cage’s tiara!

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This week Thor and Dimitrios go to the movies and give you their thoughts on some recently released and upcoming films like Men In Black III, Harry Potter, Cowboys and Aliens, Green Lantern, Judge Dredd and more!

This week Thor and Dimitrios chat with writer/artist Tim Seeley about his new Marvel series Ant-Man and Wasp, his creator owned series Hack/Slash, and the disturbing beauty of a nude M.O.D.O.K.!

This week Dimitrios interviews two fourteen year-old Midtown customers, Andrew and Matteo. With the help of our back issue buyer Alex, Dimitrios tries to get inside the head of these fourteen year-old comic fan to see what makes them tick!

Writer Jon Price and Artist Rebekah Isaacs (DV8) talk about their new book Magus from 12 Gauge Comics, and the Mayor of Midtown, Ted Alexander stops by to give us an update on the new Downtown location opening soon!

This week Dimitrios and Thor pull out all the stops for their first ever List episode! Join them as they count down 10 comics that happened in the past year! Some may have gone under the radar, and some are too mainstream to forget, but which will be #1?! And what does being #1 mean on a list? Find out!