Midtown has also partnered with Ardden Entertainment to be the first retailer to offer the first two Atlas Comics re-launch books to the public, to be unveiled at NYCC!

This weekend at the New York Comic Con you can be among the first to get two brand new issue #0’s of two great new Atlas Comics books: Phoenix and The Grim Ghost.

Add these to great books to our list of NYCC Exclusives, and what you get is a whole lot of great swag from your friends at Midtown!

THE RESURRECTION BEGINS HERE! Ed Tyler is having a hell of a day. His mom is sick, so he’s reluctantly returned home to visit her for the first time in years. His former best friend and ex-girlfriend are less-than-pleased to see him. But his day takes a turn for the apocaylptic when everyone in the entire town suddenly vanishes. That’s when things go from bad to hellish for Ed. GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR AND WITNESS THE REBIRTH OF PHOENIX AND ATLAS COMICS!!!



 THE GRIM GHOST IS BACK! Originally published in 1975, The Grim Ghost was one of the original Atlas Comics, a company created by the Founder of Marvel Comics, Martin Goodman. Now, The Grim Ghost is back and re-imagined for the 21st Century! This special prequel issue leads directly into the Grim Ghost ongoing series! Get in on the ground floor of the Atlas Comics resurrection and see what the buzz is all about!”

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