05 May, 2011

Fear Itself #2 with Matt Fraction

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HERE WE GO AGAIN! Raph’s back with some more goodness! This time, I got Matt to answer some more questions about this week’s Fear Itself #2! Enjoy!

Fear Itself 2

1)Matt, in this issue, the hammer drops! Actually, the HAMMERS drop. We’ve seen 5 of the 8 hammer wielders… what went into the decision on the characters? And who is the Ocean Breaker?

Sin, Hulk, Titania– with a promise of Absorbing Man– Attuma (in the ocean), Grey Gargoyle, Juggernaut, with the eighth hammer revealed next month. They’re all world breakers and they’re all vulnerable to being seduced by the spirits of destruction with which each hammer is imbued.

2)Odin seemed to be giving a pep talk to the Asgardians, but Thor was right when he said it felt like it was a retreat… Asgard is a burnt out husk, how can Odin simultaneously bring it back AND face The Serpent?

Thereby hangs the tale of FEAR ITSELF, m’friend. And perhaps suggests at why he’s so damn agitated at the notion of the Serpent’s return.

That said, it was important to remind everyone just HOW powerful Odin is… and if even HE is worried about the Serpent… well, hopefully you’re as panicked about it as Odin is now…

The Worthy

3)Where are the Avengers at the end? Did Steve stretch them too far thin?

A world war has spontaneously erupted and they’re scrambling to react. I don’t think it’s spread too thin so much as caught wholly unaware. They’re the Earth’s mightiest heroes and the Serpent has brought the fight to them in a major way.

4)Where do these hammers come from? Will we see the origins of hammer making?

Keep reading.

5)Two issues in, and the hits have already been pretty hard. Was it hard to figure out a pace for Fear Itself as a series?

It’s been a constant work in progress. I had an outline and it’s been worked and worked and worked. The more I write, the more I’ve gone back to rewrite, tweak, adjust. The general beats have been set for a long time, but the actual placement of those beats have wiggled back and forth a bit. Hard to explain without getting TO into it, but it’s been… well, it’s been writing, like writing anything else. You make a plan, you do your preparation, and then you improvise like crazy once you’re down in it.

That’s it for this time. Short and sweet. Why you ask?
‘Nuff. Said.

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