17 May, 2011

5 Questions with Zatanna’s Jamal Igle

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Hello there Midtowner! Raph’s back this week with a TRIPLE dose of blogging goodness! It’s all about the Q’s and the A’s this week! For this first one, I got to talk to artist Jamal Igle about Zatanna. Jamal started working on the title recently, and he collaborates with one of the most celebrated names in comics Paul Dini (he of the DCAU, or “Diniverse”, fame).

Jamal Igle
Jamal Igle – DC Artist Extraordinaire!

Photo courtesy Luigi Novi

1. Jamal, you had a lengthy run on Supergirl and now you’re working with Paul Dini on another favorite DC femme, Zatanna. What’s it like working on Zatanna?

It’s been interesting, to say the least. I’ve found myself trying to get into a different headspace for Zatanna. It’s been fun so far and has certainly given me a little more to chew on than I’ve experienced in the past. She’s a different character for me. I’ve been doing everything I can to make her as fluid, visually speaking, as possible.

2. While Supergirl was more Krypton-based (with a lot of greys and alien looking costumes), Zatanna is more magical (demons, fairies and magic smoke are the norm), how has your approach to drawing with Zatanna changed?

Well the obvious answer is that Zatanna takes place more in the “Real World”. Supergirl takes place in Metropolis , which is an imaginary city, and that gives you a bit of freedom. Because, at least so far, Zatanna has taken place in real world environments. The series is based in San francisco and I’ve been trying to make the look of the series much more grounded. That way the magical elements become that much more out of place and strange.

Zatanna DCAU
Zatanna as she appeared in the DC Animated Universe

3. Is there a favorite moment for you in Zatanna history? Personally, I enjoyed her first appearance in the DCAU in an episode of Batman, her 80’s look? Not so much…
Well all I really knew of Zatanna before Seven Soilders of Victory, were her appearances on Batman the Animated Series and  Batman/Superman Adventures. So I think that and the current series have really been the things that have impressed themselves on me.

4. What does the future hold for the Mistress of Magic? And for the Artist of … Awesome? Alliteration!

The future is wide open at the moment.

Zatanna by Jamal Igle
Zatanna drawn by Jamal Igle

And there you have it! I’ve been a fan of Zatanna’s since her animated exploits, but I’ve come to hold Zatanna in a high regard. She’s one of the quirkier characters DC has proudced (Having to do magic by saying things  backwards? Try it sometime!), and she was a major player in Brad Meltzer’s Identity Crisis, which was about the time I became a much more serious comic book reader (in terms of comics reading, not actual personal seriousness). Zatanna under Dini has been a lot of fun, exploring the not often utilized DC Magic-verse (Hello Brother Night, nice to meet you), and good character stories (issue 12’s palindrome spells were hilarious!). If you haven’t been checking out Zatanna, pick it up now!

That’s all for this time, Midtown Bloggerines, but next time, I’ll have a Q&A with Kieron Gillen, writer of Generation Hope and Uncanny X-Men!

Go Love Some Comics!

– Raph

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