26 Jul, 2011


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And now a 5 Q’s with Dan Slott regarding his run as the solo writer of Amazing Spider-Man! This is the first of MANY interviews I’ll have for you in the next week… enjoy!

The writer himself, such a happy fellow!

1. I’ve been enjoying your Big Time run immensely. The biggest difference obviously is the change from a rotation of creative teams to you being the solo writer and decider of the Spider Destiny (capital letters!), what has it been like now that you’re going solo? Do you miss the committee?

DAN SLOTT: It’s definitely a blast– and a dream gig– to be the writer on ASM. But I won’t lie, I *do* miss the guys. We’d have crazy-long email chains, conference calls, and Spidey Summits. And that was always fun. Plus I got to see all of the scripts in their raw form– and reading scripts from everybody from Mark Waid to Joe Kelly is QUITE educational! (What writer WOULDN’T want to study those?)

2. Carlie Cooper is my favorite non-powered supporting character right now, and she might be the most compatible girlfriend for Peter since Gwen Stacy (blasphemous, but they’re both nerdy and they both are dedicated to their respective crime fighting careers). Her drunk tattoo moment might have been the funniest scene of the past few months for me. Is she here for the long term?

DS: That drunk tattoo sequence was QUITE the fodder for many an angry-fan’s debate on the internet! Especially in those couple weeks we left everyone hanging– THINKING she was going to get a Green Goblin tattoo. Seriously. I got VERY threatening emails during that time. So we had to be doing SOMETHING right. 🙂


Your Green Lasers can’t stop me! Pew Pew!

3. My favorite part of Big Time is that Peter finally has a respectable job at a good company. Horizon Labs has been a boon for Spidey too, with the invention of new crime fighting tech for our favorite Wall-Crawler. What kind of new toys should we expect? And will we see more of that Spider Armor?

DS: You will see some of the specialty armor that Peter’s built come back… when you least expect it. What you can expect tho– is more spider-gadgets and tech to be appearing soon. As far as NEW suits go? We’re going to pull back on that for a while. Though I can confirm ONE new suit in 2012. When? I’m not saying.

4. While I love the Spider Armor, it came at a price: Peter’s Spider-Sense! The Spider-Sense has been a part of Peter since Day One… will we ever see it come back?

DS: Spider-Sense? Feh! Who needs it? Spidey knows Kung-Fu now!


Guys… who let BEN GRIMM into my closet??? Just… just keep it Ben…

5. The recent two-parter co-starring the FF was a particular favorite… will we see more FF interaction in the pages of Amazing?

DS: Sure. We’ll see some of the FF, Avengers, and other heroes pop in during Spider-Island. But first and foremost, this is Spidey’s book. So it’s always important to make sure that he’s at the center of everything.

That’s all for this time. Thanks to Dan Slott for answering some Q’s. Spider-Island is set to come out July 27th, it looks pretty cool! That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more of those interviews and–


– Raph

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