06 Sep, 2011

Fear Itself #5 with Matt Fraction

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Fear Itself 5

MIDTOWN BLOGGENSTOCKS! Raph here, dry and safe, with this week’s feature! If you hadn’t heard, New York City experienced it’s first full-blown hurricane since 1985 (when I was but a wee infant and the Crisis on Infinite Earths was… crisising?). Midtown stores took the winds and rains in stride, and all of us are looking forward to getting back to work and getting people their comics! This week, the NEW DCU premieres, but I have an overdue conversation to have… with Mr. Matt Fraction! We talk Fear Itself 5, enjoy!

Iron Man
Dude… where’s your forge?

1) WOW. Lots of big moments. We went back to Tony’s moment of sacrifice again. In Invincible Iron Man, you show us how Tony interacts with Odin’s dwarf blacksmiths… is Tony going to keep that tone, that “the world’s ending? I’m drunk and I just wanna have fun!” mentality, or is he going to really dig deep and be a serious hero.

MATT FRACTION: I don’t think he wants to have fun; he wants to anesthetize himself. And no, it’s most definitely not a party. He’s a serious hero that’s seriously flawed.

2) You teased that Thor/Hulk/Thing fight… and you didn’t disappoint. It was good to see that even though Thor was outnumbered, he wasn’t too outclassed. Mjolnir’s still got some serious mojo. Will we see a rematch between Hulk and Thor before the end?

MF: No, alas. But I can’t believe it won’t come up again somewhere, somehow, someday.

STOP!… don’t. Too easy… don’t succumb to easy joke… HAMMER TIIIIIMMMEEE!!!

3) The God of Fear appears to be at 100% power… and he is no joke. He obliterated the X-Men and shattered Cap’s shield… is there more of this to come? Can Cap get a new shield?

MF: Not quite 100% but getting there. And yes: there is more to come. A new shield? How do you replace an icon?

4) Back to the BIG fight, how much of it do you choreograph? Do you give Stuart Immonen leeway in sequencing the fight? How much give and take is there?

MF: It’s all always up to Stuart’s best judgment; I think he’s really the choreographer of the thing and I just wrote out the action in discrete blocks. He’s the one that had to visually craft it all. And I almost always try to either underwrite or overwrite to equip my collaborators with what they’ll need. I’ll write blocking but try not to call shots. It’s all a collaboration, y’know?


5) Finally, Spidey leaves to check on his loved ones… he’s the everyman avatar, so that means all of us have to be feeling pretty hopeless. Cap’s lost his shield, Thor’s spent, and Iron Man is off getting drunk and clocking Dwarf blacksmiths. Got any hope for the Marvel Universe Matt?

MF: Hah. Ask me that again next month.

Oh Matt, always with the cryptic finales! Will Cap and co. live to see tomorrow? Probably. Will they live to see anything after Fear Itself? WHO KNOWS?!? ¬†Thanks for checking us out–


– Raph

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