Everyone likes lists, especially with the holidays bearing down on us (check out our Sci-Fi post for 5 great Sci-Fi recommendations). This time we offer up our suggestions on women in comics, and while we’re at it, also wanted to bring your attention to the Womanthology project.

Womanthology was project created by Sarah Elkins. The book is exactly what the title suggests: an anthology of comics created by different women creators in comics. Names such as Gail Simone and Jill Thompson are on the project, and IDW is publishing it.

What’s so great about the project though? It started life on Kickstarter and raised $100,000 in funds! That is an amazing amount of support for this book celebrating women in comics. It gives us a warm feeling that people still want to support comics and women in comics. A friend of ours wrote a blog post about how Marjorie Liu’s X-23 got cancelled (and we’ll get to Marjorie in a sec), and opined the lack of books written and drawn by women. Here is a book that celebrates women in comics. We’re very excited to read it and hope you are too! Womanthology can be ordered here.

Now, here are 5 women creators we enjoy quite a bit, and a few of their works.


Marjorie actually was a writer of novels before she started writing for Marvel. She has had a very successful run at Marvel though. We’ve really enjoyed the (now-cancelled) X-23 series, as well as her Daken and Black Widow runs. She really captures the feelings of being an outsider in Laura/X-23’s psyche, and there’s the ambiguity of Daken, hero or villain, that you can’t help but enjoy.


Louse, or “Weezie”, has been writing for a long time. She had lengthy runs on X-Factor and did a bunch of Superman issues. I loved that original 5 mutant team, and I’m a huge Superman fan. A lot of what she wrote was a lot of stuff I grew up on. Particularly, Superman Red/Superman Blue (I’m the only person that likes this).


Amanda is a great artist, one of the best in the business. Her figure work is gorgeous, and she’s very versatile, in terms of storytelling. She’s done lewd and crude with Garth Ennis (The Pro) and she’s done fun and cheesecake (Power Girl, Wednesday Comics). Her work is consistently terrific, and I always pick up a book if she’s on it.


Nicola is another artist I’ll immediately pick up a book if she’s on it. She established herself on Birds of Prey, then moved on to a great run on Secret Six, two of my favorite series while they were coming out. She had a very distinctive style, which she made all the more distinctive by CHANGING IT for Teen Titans. Both styles worked very well, but were so different, that I almost didn’t recognize it! She’s a tremendous talent, and I can’t wait for her next project.


Speaking of Birds of Prey, Gail Simone is one of the biggest names in all of comics. She has a long resume full of lengthy runs. I’ve loved her work dating back to her Marvel days on Deadpool. She is also one of the more outspoken creators in comics, and she will say her peace when she feels she needs to. She is a wonderful person with a quirk sense of humor (see her indie series Killer Princesses and her Secret Six run), and she is one of my all-time favorites. Right now she’s working on Batgirl and co-writing Fury of Firestorm with Ethan Van Sciver.

Special mention to colorist Laura Martin, who has done awesome colors on books from Astonishing X-Men, Civil War and Fear Itself. Her colors are vibrant and always draw your eye to the book on the shelf. Also to writers Kathryn Immonen, Kelly Sue DeConnick and artists Sarah Pichelli and Rebekah Issacs! We chose five as a number initially, but it’s hard to make the decision!

That’s it for now, please check out all the works of these wonderful women, and check out Womanthology when it comes out.

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