05 Dec, 2011

5 Offbeat Comics You Should Be Reading!

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Comics are widely known as the home of Super Heroes, but as stated before in the sci-fi post, there are multiple genres of literature to be sought out! As an alternative to superheroics, might the Mighty Midtowners recommend these select titles?


Written by Nick Spencer, the quick Hollywood pitch for this series would be “LOST meets The Faculty”. In a sense, it’s not far off. The Morning Glory Academy is a school for gifted students, a lot of whom happen to have been born the same day. Add to the intrigue the strange sadism of the teachers, the burgeoning chemistry between our group of characters, and strange incidents possibly involving time travel (seeing the Lost parallels?) and this series has been a terrific thriller/mystery book. The series is an ongoing, but the first two volumes are available in softcover, with a fancy pants hardcover also recently released. This book came out of nowhere to captivate people, and it’s a strong recommendation by everyone who’s read it at Midtown!

LOCKE AND KEY (IDW Publishing)

Another mystery book, with a slant towards horror. Written by Joe Hill (his dad’s someone famous apparently?), this book revolves around the Locke clan, and the death of the father. The family moves back to their father’s childhood home, where they discover that dad may or may not have had some interesting keys to play with, as well as an interesting play mate. Murder, suspense, intrigue… what more can you ask? The series is released similar to Hellboy (multiple miniseries) There are currently 4 volumes available, and it comes with the highest praise!

SIXTH GUN (Oni Press)

One of the more unusual Westerns I’ve read. It revolves around a young woman who has a gun in her possession. What’s so important about the gun? It’s an extremely deadly weapon with immense supernatural power. It’s part of a set of six, and the owners of the other five want this gun, no matter what it takes. Standing in their way is Drake Sinclair, but he’s woefully outnumbered. Who’s going to possess the Sixth Gun? Read on Midtown Bloggeron! There are two collections available (I just happened to finish the first one!), so pick it up!

iZOMBIE (DC Comics/Vertigo)

Gwen Dylan isn’t your typical girl. She works and lives in a cemetery… oh and she eats brains to keep her mind from going like other zombies! A delightful tale by Chris Roberson (who also writes the awesome Fables spin-off Cinderella series), with gorgeous art by Mike and Laura Allred, iZombie is an interesting look at familiar horror movie monsters, but from a hilarious, light perspective. Were-terriers, Vampire sororities… that’s just a small taste! Three volumes have been released for iZombie, and the series is one of Vertigo’s finest!

OMAC (DC Comics)

It’s a  testament to DC Comics that the New 52 is so diverse. From All-Star Western to Voodoo, there’s all sorts of different genre comics mixed in. I chose OMAC, because it’s very different from the others. It’s… retro. It’s like writer (and DC Co-Publisher) Dan Didio and artist Keith Giffen have tapped into Jack Kirby’s mind circa 1970, and pulled this series out of his skull. Each issue is pretty much standalone, with poor Kevin Kho being forced by Brother Eye to face some threat, all to help him (it?) take down Maxwell Lord, the elusive leader of Checkmate. The series is a lot of fun and reminds me of Godland, another Kirby homage series.

So that’s it for now. If you want to read something outside the norm, these books are some of the best out there! Until next time


–          Raph

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