24 Apr, 2012

INTERVIEW: AvX Month 1 with Tom Brevoort

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Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, and it’s main event time over at Marvel! The big story is AvX: Avengers vs. X-Men! Two of the biggest franchises Marvel has duking it out! Place yer bets folks! I got the opportunity again to speak with someone at Marvel as the drama unfolds. First up is Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor and SVP of Publishing!

1.       Two issues in, it’s clear that the time for talk is over. We’re getting some explosive battles between the two teams, how difficult was it to get the creative and editorial teams to agree on certain things happening? I have to imagine there was a lot of push and pull.

Tom Brevoort: Not as much as you might think. We spent two solid days together hammering out the superstructure of the story, and then further weeks and months refining and adapting the outline, even as we were underway with the opening scripts. So while there was certainly a lot of discussion, as a group the writers came to a certain consensus on most matters, and that allowed us to move forward without much hassle. Of course, each writer in turn has contributed some new specific bits of business within the scripts they’ve worked on, which has in turn inspired the subsequent writers to build upon those notions.


2. This may be a meeting of two of the biggest teams in all of comics, but it’s also a confluence of Marvel’s biggest talents. How did you guys come up with the collaboration of so much talent together?

TB: On the writing side, Axel very early on was the champion of a multiple-writer approach, having worked that way on a number of the X-Men line crossovers. This helped us to make the storyline feel legitimate, since we had contributors who were steeped in both the X and Avengers sides of the street. Then, in terms of the artists, it was a simple matter of logistics. We knew we wanted the series to ship twice a month, and to run for a dozen issues total—and that was going to be more than any single artist could get done. So we chose to follow our three-act structure and have a different artist take on each act. We’ve deviated from that plan a little bit as we got deeper into the series, by necessity more than anything else.

3. This saga with hope has been building pretty much since Messiah CompleX, House of M even… is AvX going to close this ongoing epoch of Marvel lore?

TB: I don’t think close is really the right word. It’s going to wrap certain things up and start other things into motion at the same time. So it’s not the end by any means, although it is the culmination of a number of plot threads that were set into motion many years ago.

The Midtown Exclusive Cover, and ain’t it adorable?!?

4. The series also happens to be a fanboy’s dream: it’s full of answers to “who would win” questions. Is there a particular moment you’re looking forward to?

TB: I don’t know—I tend to be less about the fights and more about the individual character moments. But the Cap/Wolverine confrontation in #3 is pretty brutal. And what happens in #6, and the way that Olivier visualizes it all, is pretty stunning. And then there’s a colossal confrontation in AVX #8 that Adam (Kubert) just went to town on, and it’s one in which limbs are broken. 

5. As for the Phoenix Force, will we see a possible return of a certain former Phoenix wielder?

TB: I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by letting people know definitively that Jean Grey does not come back during AVENGERS VS X-MEN.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! The first two issues have been pretty big, with a bunch of fan service fights (Rulk vs. Juggerlossus, Magneto vs. Iron Man, Namor vs. whoever’s near him), as well as real character moments (Scott’s obsession with Hope being the Mutant Messiah, Wolverine’s grim determination to go against his people). This is shaping up to be a fun comic series, and I’m along  firmly for the ride! Until Next Time,


– Raph

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