21 Sep, 2012

A look at Green Arrow!

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Midtown Bloggin Hoods! Raph here, to talk to you about the latest hero to get his own television series: Green Arrow!

Oliver Queen has been around since 1941, and he’s had lots of landmark moments, here’s a brief look at his comics history.

Oliver Queen was created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, in 1941. Green Arrow was originally created as a Batman type character: he had his own Arrow cave, Arrow-mobile and teenage sidekick (Speedy). From these earlier years, I’d recommend Green Arrow by Jack Kirby. Yes, the King of Comics has his hand-prints EVERYWHERE, but the landmark Green Arrow run came after Kirby’s, and it was done by another talented artist: Neal Adams.

It was Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil’s run on Green Arrow/Green Lantern that has really defined the character for all time. Neal redesigned the character and gave him his trademark beard, while Denny gave him a new character: a fiercely liberal firebrand, who spoke out for the little guy, while being teamed with the upstanding space cop, Green Lantern Hal Jordan. The series dealt with social issues of the time, and really sought to bring a little bit of the real world into the unreal world of superheroes.

In the modern day, the team of Andy Diggle and Jock took to modernizing Green Arrow even further, by going back to Ollie’s origin and giving it another take. In Green Arrow: Year One, Oliver is a crass, drunk debutante, who throws away his money and his life. After a betrayal leaves him stranded on an island, he has to learn to survive, and more importantly, to live. Oliver does this, and rededicates his life to helping those who don’t have the means to help himself, this is probably the definitive Ollie origin, but sometimes, universes get wiped out, and started anew.

When DC announced it’s New 52 relaunch, they decided to reinterpret their beloved cast of characters. For Oliver Queen, that meant Oliver went from conscientious social activist superhero, to James Bond as the CEO of Apple. Queen Industries is at the lead of consumer electronics, and Oliver pretends to be a hard partying absentee boss, while secretly using Q-Tech to fight crime. The new Green Arrow actually feels familiar, it reminds me of Justin Hartley’s Green Arrow from the Smallville TV series. Check out the series, volume 1 is available in softcover!

Arrow debuts on October 10th, check it out! Be sure to check out these wonderful Green Arrow comics too as well as the other things we have on our site! Until next time—

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