12 Nov, 2010

Midtown Downtown in the News

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Ever since Midtown Comics Downtown was announced, people can’t stop talking about it. Even The New York Times had something to say about our new store opening. Now that the dust has finally settled, we’ve been able to go through all the great articles and blog post about the new store and present them here. Read on!  

From The New York Times’ Arts Beat:

Meanwhile, the big news this week in New York was the opening of a a third location for the comic-book retailer Midtown Comics, this one at 64 Fulton Street in downtown Manhattan. Its original store opened in Times Square in 1997 and Midtown Comics has grown into a formidable market presence.

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From The Downtown Alliance blog:

The most noticeable feature of the newly opened Midtown Comics—a large, bright, second-story space at Fulton and Gold streets—is the new-release wall. It’s large (more than 80 feet long) and updated with 300 new books every Wednesday.

But perhaps what’s most distinctive about the wall is that it exists in the first place.

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From DNAInfo.com:

The sunlit space, which until a few months ago housed the Fulton Chef Chinese restaurant, underwent a gut renovation before Gladston packed it full of more than 10,000 comic books, graphic novels and themed paraphernalia. The lease will last at least 10 years, Gladston said.

Many of the customers who stopped in on Wednesday said they were accustomed to trekking up to Midtown Comics’ Times Square and Grand Central locations, but the new store was much more convenient for them.

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From Thursday’s Class blog:

Despite a less-than-robust economy, the comic book industry in New York City is thriving. New York Comic Con, the East Coast’s largest pop culture event, welcomed an estimated 100,000 people at its 2010 convention in October.

And then there’s Midtown Comics. One of the nation’s most well-known comic stores, Midtown, which opened the first of its two locations in 1997, unveiled a third Manhattan location on Wednesday, Nov. 10.  The latest “Midtown” is actually located downtown, on Fulton Street in the Financial District.

Click here to read the entire Thursday’s Class blog piece.

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