Hello Midtown Blog Watchers (yes you too Uatu), Raph’s back with another installment of Fear Itself with Matt Fraction! Matt really outdid himself with Issue number Three of Fear Itself, and we sat down to talk about it. A warning: there are spoilers on the issue itself, as well as a juicy tidbit involving Captain America and Ed Brubaker! Enjoy!


Fear Itself 3 Preview

The Preview from Fear Itself #2

1. WOW. That was a hum of a dinger. That dinger hummed so much that the vibrations caused entire buildings to collapse. Matt, you are doing a great job my friend. With this issue, we get the identity of the final hammer wielder, Benjamin J. Grimm, the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing! Like you said last time, all of these hammer wielders are very powerful and susceptible to the smashy-smash. I noticed that half of the hammer holders are heroes though, or have tried to be on the path of good (Juggernaut, Hulk)… is there any hope that the good in them will overcome? And what about poor Yancy street? Who’s gonna fix that place up!

MATT FRACTION: Yeah, Stuart really tore it up with that spread, didn’t he?

Good will not overcome the Serpent’s grip within the Worthy. They’ve been seduced. They are, after all, human, and susceptible to the darkness in things. I kind of believe that the greatest Marvel characters all have a tragedy resonating at their core and this grabs a hold of all of the Worthy there… for me, it’s where the book really kicks off. We had to give so much of the store away from the first act of FEAR ITSELF in the promoting of the series that now we’re into the second act and the surprises and shocks are back with us… well, jesus, what hope do any of us have against the Serpent if he can seduce even the pride of Yancy Street?

2. In this issue, we also see more of Asgard re-formed. A war factory planet seems to be the best description I can come up with. Is there any way, in Odin’s mind, that humanity can be spared? Is the fear too much for Odin?

MF: No, we can’t be. He’s resurrecting the world of Asgard EXACTLY to be a colossal war factory. The old one-eyed bastard is of the belief that to save a hand, sometimes you have to lose a few fingers… well, Raph, WE are the fingers. We’re infected; the only way he can hope to turn the tide is to wipe us out. The only HOPE we have is to beat the Serpent before Odin resurrects his army. It’s a race. And we lose either way…

3. In a more meta-contextual aspect, we’ve seen a lot of fear in the real world, with economic collapse, doomsday proclamations and a lot of anxiety in the air, was that in your mind when you came up with the idea for the Serpent?

MF: Oh, sure. I wanted to see the heroes fight a foe they couldn’t beat. Or even punch. It’s… well, you’ll see, as we go on, how we learn to fight back.

Fear Itself 3


4. The big event of the issue is,without a doubt, the death of Bucky Cap. I would be a little dishonest if I said I didn’t see it coming (he’s on the cover in a “this is my last stand” pose). Are you paving the way for the return of Steve Rogers? And of course, how dead is dead? Can the Serpent pull some crazy zombie Bucky resurrection deal and REALLY demoralize our Mighty Marvel Heroes?

MF: Well, first off, all praise be to Ed Brubaker who, rather than end his GULAG story the way he’d intended with the death of Bucky, allowed me to tend to his final moments in FEAR ITSELF. Secondly, I can’t believe I got to be a part of the Winter Soldier’s amazing story– thank you Ed, thank you thank you.

And everybody knows the first rule of comics is Bucky Stays Dead. At least as far as the Serpent is concerned. No zombie-bucky will be Blackest-Nighting his way onto our battlefields. As if to hammer that home, pardon the pun, next issue you get to see Steve, Iron Man, Thor, and a couple of choice others with the body on the slab… it’s pretty damn grim, and was completely heartbreaking to write. How Steve Rogers will react doesn’t exactly need a team of CSI dudes to figure out…

5. Finally, Thor gets sent back to Earth, with Mjolnir. We’ve always been led to believe that Mjolnir is the strongest weapon in the Marvel U… is that no longer true with the introduction of these new hammers? Are we going to see some Hammer (on Hammer) Time!?! Parachute pants… on Thor???

MF: Mjonir– and Thor– have met their match. Matches. Get ready. Just wait until you see the last page of FEAR ITSELF #4…


Fear Itself 4

Yes, those are MY hands. Chris Evans, move outta the way!

And on that thrilling note, my little Q&A with Matt ended! GO READ FEAR ITSELF! Oh and…



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