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Welcome back to the edge of Venomverse!

The Amazon Princess is working wonders at the box office for three weeks in a row! Gear up for some new Wonder Woman issues next week, a new Batman original graphic novel by Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso, and a new Kamandi Challenge from Jack Kirby, from DC Comics! Have fabulous fun with four of the most stoic characters ever: Batman, Jonah Hex, and…Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam? Looney Toons continues it’s takeover of the DCU! Look for a multitude of magnificent morsels from mighty Marvel, including Secret Empire #5, Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #4, and All New GOTG Annual #1! Ready or not, prepare to meet a slew of Venomized characters, starting with young mutant clone X-23, in a new series leading into the epic Venomverse!

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The Wonder of it All:
It has all been leading to this! Writer Greg Rucka and artists Liam Sharp and Bilquis Evely weave a terrific tale of triumph in Wonder Woman #25. The Truth, The Lies, Year One, and Godwatch have all built up to this extra-sized anniversary issue! Then, a who’s who of comic books greatest creators bring their work to the Wonder Woman 100 Project TP. Featuring the art of some of the best in the world, this trade paperback features a huge gallery of art with proceeds going to the Hero Initiative! This book will only be printed once!

Bat-Tastic Adventures:
A terrifying creature is threatening members of the Burnside YMCA but nobody can catch it! It’s up to Batgirl to plunge into the dark unknown and risk being zapped out of existence to quell the danger! Batgirl #12 is by writer Hope Larson, with art by Eleonora Carlini. Then, it’s “Intelligence” part two! While the Bat-family comes to terms with Azrael’s bizarre past, Batman is on the trail of the shocking secret he learned at the end of “The Button”! Featuring the return of the incredible magician Zatanna! Detective Comics #959 is by writer James Tynion IV with art from Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez. Gnidnatstuo!

Devilish Delights:
Constantine thought about taking an old frenemy’s advice, but Paris has bistros to sit in and wine to drink. With a little patience and a little magic, things have a way of sorting themselves out. Unless Marid crosses the finish line first, that is. Hellblazer #11 is by writer Simon Oliver with art by Davide Fabbri. Meanwhile, the end is nigh for Lucifer. As his enemies rally and Hell is divided, Lucifer initiates his final confrontation with the Presence. But what if ultimate control of the universe comes down to a child’s game? And at the end of it all, lovers will reunite, happily or not. Lucifer #19 is written by Richard Kadrey with art by Lee Garbett.

Pulse-Pounding Action:
After the heart-wrenching ending of the last issue, Kamandi finds himself at the mercy of the grizzly proletariat. With his new friend Renzi at his side, Kamanda has to fight for his very survival as they enter the “communi-bear” city. Danger lurks behind every corner as writer Steve Orlando and artist Philip Tan take their turn on the exhilarating Kamandi Challenge #6! It’s a book unlike any other on the stands!

Life on the Edge:
The series that starts the epic Venom event of 2017 starts here! Every issue introduces a brand new Venomized character that will feed into Venomverse this fall! This issue, X-23 is fused with the deadly Venom symbiote as she escapes from the Facility! Bonding with the alien enhances her powers, aids in her escape, but makes her lose control! Can X-23 hold it together or is she doomed to give in to Venom? Edge of Venomverse #1 comes from writer Matt Rosenberg and artist Roland Boschi.

The Empire Grows:
Otto Octavius makes his triumphant return as the Superior Octopus! Working for Captain America’s Hydra-Brand Avengers, he is on a mission to take down the company he helped create, Parker Industries! Writer Dan Slott continues his Spider-Man epic with art by artist Stuart Immonen in Amazing Spider-Man #29! Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy struggle to survive outside of the planetary shield. They need reinforcements. But in order to get the weapon that might turn the tide, they have to rely on the help of Yondu Udonta! Writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims work with artist Danilo Beyruth for the All-New Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1!

Stars Align:
Who is Malarus and what does she want? Poe Dameron is searching for answer! But first, he has to gather together Black Squadron to get supplies for the Rebel forces! Poe Dameron #16 is written by Charles Soule with art by Angel Unzueta. Meanwhile, the Screaming Citadel continues! Jedi, symbiotes, and murderbots, oh my! Can anybody survive the horrors of the Screaming Citadel? Star Wars Doctor Aphra #8 is written by Kieron Gillen with art by Andrea Broccardo! And last, three fun-filled tales from across the Star Wars universe! BB-8, the probe droids, and R2-D2 traverse the galaxy in Star Wars Droids Unplugged #1!

X-Ceptional Reads:
The solo adventures of Earth’s Mightiest Mutants continue! Jean Grey is desperate to find any information that will help her fight off being possessed by the Phoenix. So desperate, in fact, that she’ll dive down into the depths of Atlantis to ask for help from Namor! Jean Grey #3 is written by Dennis Hopeless, with Victor Ibanez on art. Meanwhile, Cable finds himself in feudal Japan, facing high-tech warriors that want to cut him up! But who is he chasing through the time stream? Find out in Cable #2 by writer James Robinson and artist Carlos Pacheco.

Hella’ Cool:
What is the deal with Rowan Black, anyways? What is the bond that ties her together with Alex? The red-hot creative team of writer Greg Rucka and artist Nicola Scott are back for more with Black Magick #6! Then, it’s the 25th Anniversary of Spawn! To celebrate this huge feat, fan-favorite’s Sam and Twitch are back to raise some Hell! It all happens in Spawn #275 from Todd McFarlane and artist Szymon Kudrankski, with a sick cover from Hicham Habchi.

Believe it,
G-Man, Henry and John!

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