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Welcome back to strange new week in Gotham!

Strange doings are afoot in Gotham by Midnight, a chilling new Batman title by horror-meisters Ray Fawkes and Ben Templesmith! Scarlet Spiders weave their web into the Spider-Verse, the Flash is the fasting living Lego,  Iron Man still thinks he’s Superior, and Wolverine is still, well, you know… kaput. There’s lots more comic goodness next week, and look for a beautiful tribute to Ray Bradbury from IDW! 

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Spider-Verse tie-ins next week:
Picking up where Amazing Spider-Man #10 ends, Miguel O’Hara finally makes it back to the future to 2099! Spider-Man 2099 #6 is by Peter David and Will Sliney, with an ominously spideriffic cover by Franceso Mattina! In the midst of all this Spider-Verse, Kaine, Ben Reilly, and Ultimate Jessica Drew must come together for a mission of vital importance in Scarlet Spiders #1, by Mike Costa and Paco Diaz, with a cover by David Nakayama, and a variant by Mark Bagley!

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #2

Superior Iron Man #2

Wolverine and the X-Men #12

Nova #24

Superior Axis action:
Once, Luke Cage was a hero for everyone who needed help, but things have changed, and the only one he’s helping is himself! Plus: Captain America declares war — on the Mighty Avengers, in Axis tie-in Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #2 by Al Ewing, with art and cover by Luke Ross, and a variant cover by Sanford Greene! Tony Stark has transformed San Francisco into the prototype for his New World concept, but Matt Murdock isn’t down with Tony’s new vision, in Superior Iron Man #2 by Tom Taylor, with art by Yildiray Cinar, cover by Mike Choi, and a variant by Phil Noto!

Scarlet Spiders #1

Spider-Man 2099 #6

Secret Avengers #10

Amazing X-Men #13 Rocket Raccoon and Groot Variant

Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors #1

Deathlok #2

Inhuman Vol 1 TP Genesis

New Avengers #27

Painkiller Jane 22 Brides TP

All-New Ghost Rider #9

Superman #36

Catwoman #36

Justice League Dark #36

Flash #36

Aquaman #36

DC Lego landslide looms large:
Superman and Ulysses are an unstoppable team, thwarting the plot of one super-villain after another, but when Ulysses sees a larger menace threatening Earth, why does the Man of Steel refuse to help him? Superman #36 is by Geoff Johns, with art, covers, and Lego cover by John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson, with an additional cover by Francis Manapul! The Flash is trapped in a bizarre, lost land terrorized by castaways from the past, present, and future in Flash #36, by Robert Venditti and Van Jensen, with art, cover, and Lego cover by  Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund! Lots more brick-bustin’ blockbusters barrel your way next week — from DC Comics!

Gotham by Midnight #1

Arkham Manor #2

Batman Eternal #34

Batman Eternal Vol 1 TP

Batwoman Vol 5 Webs TP

Batman ’66 #17

New 52 Futures End #30

Secret Origins #7

Earth 2 Worlds End #8

Batman & Robin Vol 4 Requiem for Damon TP

The Fastest Man Alive – New Flash Bust!  
With the breakthrough of the hugely popular new Flash TV series, grab a piece of Barry Allen before he vanishes in this brand new DC Super Heroes Flash Bust. The Flash is captured mid-stride in the latest bust designed by legendary comic book artist Jim Lee. Measuring approximately 5.65″ tall, these limited edition busts are sure to sell out in a blink of an eye!

Thor #1 by J Scott Campbell

Death Of Wolverine #1 by J Scott Campbell

Death Of Wolverine #2 by J Scott Campbell

Death Of Wolverine #3 by J Scott Campbell

Death Of Wolverine #4 by J Scott Campbell

Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #1 By Mike Mayhew

Wytches #1 By Sean Gordon Murphy

Sabrina #1 By J Scott Campbell

Dr Who 12th Doctor #1 by Karen Hallion

Squarriors #1 Midtown Exlusive Variant

Great sci-fi, including a tribute to Ray Bradbury:
Acclaimed writers and artists join forces with Image Comics to pay tribute to the work of the one and only Ray Bradbury in a new Sci-Fi series that starts with Shadow Show #1, featuring a story by Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella, with art and cover by Charles Paul Wilson and Gabriel Rodriguez. A gender-bent eye-popping psychedelic science fiction odyssey begins in ODYC #1 by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward, from IDW!

Transformers Drift Empire Of Stone #1

C.O.W.L. #6

Sex #18

Trees #7

Lazarus #13

Sidekick #9

Tomb Raider #10

Madman In Your Face 3D Special

Manhattan Projects #25

Delinquents #4

Hellboy Weird Tales HC

Bad Blood TP

Satoshi Kons Opus TP

Terminator Salvation Final Battle Vol 1 TP

Twilight Zone Vol 2 TP

White Suits TP

Late Child And Other Animals HC

Archie Comic Super Special #7

Orphan Blade GN

Milkyway Hitchhiking Vol 1 TP

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Midtown Comics Podcast Episode 17!
We're back with episode #17 of the Midtown Comics Podcast! This week, We’re joined by legendary punk rocker and graphic novelist Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger on their new book Late Child and Other Animals. We also discuss our top picks of the week and more! If you would like to ask a question for the podcast, reach out on Facebook or Twitter, or email us at podcast@midtowncomics.com!

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