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Welcome back to a tough week for Batman!
Batman has finally gone too far, and now Gotham’s guardian is…the Joker?  It’s all in Batman White Knight #1 from Sean Murphy!  Then, the chaos of Dark Nights Metal unfolds in Batman the Dawnbreaker #1! And you know he’s a busy guy because there’s All Star Batman, new crossovers with Archie Comics and Dynamite Entertainment too! Over at Marvel, Garth Ennis returns to the Punisher, there are a slew of Legacy tie-ins, and a new Spirits of Vengeance #1! Plus, there are Walking Dead tribute covers, Paper Girls, and the brand new Image series Slots! All that and much, much more coming at you right now!

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Batman The Dawnbreaker #1

Green Arrow #32 Regular Stjepan Sejic Cover

Green Arrow #32 Variant Mike Grell Cover

Over the Edge:
In a world where Batman has gone too far, the Joker must save Gotham City from the Caped Crusader! He’s been called a maniac, a killer, and the “Clown Prince of Crime” but now he must become Gotham’s White Knight! In a world where the Joker is cured of his insanity and homicidal tendencies, the Joker sets about trying to right his wrongs. First he plans to reconcile with Harley Quinn and then he’ll have to save the city the Batman himself! Sean Gordon Murphy writes and draws Batman White Knight #1, the first part of a seven-issue miniseries focusing on the complex dynamic between Batman and the Joker.

Regular Rafael Albuquerque Cover

Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover

Variant Sebastian Fiumara Cover

Epic Team-Ups:
Free college tuition for all Riverdale residents? That’s the plan, once the town can drain the wetlands that lie between Riverdale and Gotham City to build a new campus. The only problem? Poison Ivy doesn’t exactly love the idea of losing her home! With the help of her gal-pal Harley Quinn, Ivy is out to kidnap Betty and Veronica to save the swamp! Pauli Dini and Marc Andreyko co-write Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #1 with art by Laura Braga. Elsewhere, the Dark Knight teams up with the Shadow for a bold new tale! Two of the night’s greatest protectors are on the case in Shadow/Batman #1 by Steve Orlando and Giovanni Timpano.

Batman #32

All-Star Batman #14

Nightwing #30

Superman #32

Justice League #30

Harley Quinn #29

Bane Conquest #6

Green Lanterns #32

Deathstroke #24

New Stories Start Here:
Nightwing rejected Raptor’s offer to be his new protégé. Ever since that fateful day, Raptor has been waiting in the shadows for his opportunity to strike back at Dick Grayson. Now, the time has come for Raptor to emerge and reveal himself to the former Boy Wonder. If Nightwing didn’t want Raptor as his mentor, he’ll have him as his worst enemy. Nightwing #30 comes from writer Tim Seeley with art by Miguel Mendonca. Elsewhere, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz has fought their way through space and have finally returned home but a new threat awaits! If they thought that Volthoom was tough, wait until they face… their siblings? Writer Sam Humphries and artist Scott Godlewski present Green Lanterns #32.

Wonder Woman Rebirth Deluxe Collection Book 1 HC

Batman Detective Comics (Rebirth) Vol 3 League Of Shadows TP

New Super-Man (Rebirth) Vol 2 Coming To America TP

Red Hood And The Outlaws (Rebirth) Vol 2 Who Is Artemis TP

Wonder Woman And Justice League Of America Vol 2 TP

Justice League Their Greatest Triumphs TP

Flintstones Vol 2 TP

Dastardly And Muttley #2

Savage Things #8

Justice League Unite:
Geoff Johns has been one of the fundamental forces of good in the DC Universe for years, crafting epic yarns on The Flash, Teen Titans, JSA, and more. Now, Geoff John’s stellar run on Justice League is collected for the first time in a slipcase trade paperback format! Collecting issues 1-17 of his time on Justice League, as well as Aquaman 15-16, watch as the Justice League is reborn for a new era! When the threat of Darkseid looms over the planet, the League must assemble for the first time to take down the titanic threat! Then, a mysterious figure from the Justice League’s past is out to get them! And if they can make it through that terror, they’ll still have to save the planet from the threat of Atlantis! The Justice League by Geoff Johns Box Set Vol 1 is a must have for fans of the great creator and popular franchise, in the build up to their big screen debut this fall.

DC Comics Icons Batman Rebirth Action Figure

DC Comics Icons Superman Rebirth Action Figure

Cover Girls Of The DC Universe Death Statue

Regular Alex Ross Cover

Variant Michael Allred Lenticular Homage Cover

Incentive Jack Kirby 100th Anniversary Variant Cover

Avengers Assemble:
The Earth is on a crash course for destruction. The High-Evolutionary, a madman determined to control the evolution of the world itself, has set his sights on conquering the world. The Avengers leap into battle, but they’re not alone! The Champions return to aid their former colleagues, but have their old wounds healed? Will their titanic team-up shift the very plates of the planet itself, or can the teams put their differences aside to stop the end of days! Writer Mark Waid ushers in a new era for the Avengers alongside artist extraordinaire Jesus Saiz in Avengers #672, a return to the classic series numbering!

Regular David Mack Cover

Variant Dan Mora Lenticular Homage Cover

Variant John Tyler Christopher Trading Card Cover

Return of the Purple Man:
Jessica Jones is many things; a Private Investigator, a Defender, a survivor, and (most importantly) a mother. But it wasn’t always this way. Years ago she fell victim to a cycle of abuse from one man, a man who still haunts her to this very day. Now, he’s back and Jessica Jones is reliving her worst nightmare. And Jessica is about to find out that the only thing worse than being hunted by the evil incarnate that is the Purple Man is being hunted by the Purple Man while protecting a small child! Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos return to their hit character with Jessica Jones #13.

Regular Arthur Adams Connecting Cover

Variant Michael Allred Lenticular Homage Cover

Variant John Tyler Christopher Trading Card Cover

Mojo Worldwide:
Mojo, the demented creature obsessed with melding deadly television shows with reality, has made Earth his focus and it’s going to take the combined might of two X-Men teams to fight back! But when threats from their past are thrown at them, how will these teams react? With the Sentinels, the Brood, and a plethora of bad memories attacking at every opportunity, will Kitty and Jean be able to lead their teams through this siege and save Manhattan? Or are Mojo’s ratings about to shoot through the roof? X-Men Gold #13 is by Marc Guggenheim with art by Mike Mayhew.

Royals #9 Regular Javier Rodriguez Cover

Royals #9 Variant Juan Doe Lenticular Homage Cover

Royals #9 Variant John Tyler Christopher Trading Card Cover

Iceman #6 Regular Kevin Wada Cover

Iceman #6 Variant Michael Ryan Lenticular Homage Cover

Iceman #6 Incentive Mike McKone Legacy Headshot Variant Cover

Iron Fist #73 Regular Jeff Dekal Cover

Iron Fist #73 Variant Mike Perkins Lenticular Homage Cover

Iron Fist #73 Incentive Mike McKone Legacy Headshot Variant Cover

New Era, New Jumping on Points:
As Marvel Legacy rolls out, a new era unfolds for the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe! First, the Inhumans have long known that they were created by the Kree many millennia ago. But now the question remains, who created the Kree? Black Bolt and Medusa lead the Inhuman Royal Family in a quest for answers in Royals #9 by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez. Then, the original Champions reassemble in the pages of Iceman! Bobby Drake has grown a lot in his career as a hero and now he calls upon the help of his classic companions to aid him in battle! Iceman #6 is by writer Sina Grace with the artistic talents of Robert Gill. And finally, Iron Fist faces off against one of his deadliest classic foes! Sabretooth is back and Iron Fist will have to tame the wild beast if he hopes to save K’un-Lun! Iron Fist #73 is written by Ed Brisson with Mike Perkins on art.

Regular Dan Mora Cover

Variant Ken Lashley Lenticular Homage Cover

Variant John Tyler Christopher Trading Card Cover

War at the Gates of Hell
A dead angel. A silver bullet. A promise kept. For ages, the war between Heaven and Hell has raged on in the unseen corners of the world, both sides eternally warring in a delicate balance of nature. But that could all topple if the power falls into the wrong hands and that just might happen when an undercover angel is murdered! Johnny Blaze returns as Ghost Rider to hunt down the killers and punish them, but he’s going to need a team to help him. Reaching into the dark depths of the Marvel Universe, Ghost Rider teams with Blade, Satana, and Hellstorm as the new Spirits of Vengeance! Victor Gischler and David Baldeon present a new era of terror with Spirits of Vengeance #1.

Venom #155 Regular Mark Bagley Cover

Venom #155 Variant Francesco Mattina Lenticular Homage Cover

Venomverse #5

All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #11

Hawkeye #11

Punisher Platoon #1

Royals #9

Venom #155

X-Men Gold #13

Marvels Thor Ragnarok Prelude TP

Doctor Strange Epic Collection Vol 13 Afterlife TP

Deadpool Worlds Greatest Vol 2 HC

Journey To Star Wars The Last Jedi Captain Phasma #3

Star Wars #37

Darth Vader #6

Spider-Man #21

Spider-Man Deadpool #22

Astonishing X-Men #4

Hawkeye #11

All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #11

Black Bolt #6

Old Man Logan #29

Jessica Jones #13

Hulk Planet Hulk Prose Novel HC

Amazing Spider-Man #25 Signed by Dan Slott

Robotech #1 Signed by Brian Wood

Jimmy’s Bastards #1 Signed by Garth Ennis and Russ Braun

Sacred Creatures #1 Signed by Klaus Janson and Pablo Raimondi

Secret Warriors #1 Signed by Matt Rosenberg

Batman TMNT #1 Midtown Exclusive Signed By Cliff Chiang

Dark Nights: Metal #1 By Simon Bisley

Robotech #1 By Andrew Leung

Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 By Art Adams

DC Variants By Terry Dodson And Rachel Dodson


Marvel Variants by J Scott Campbell

Down, Not Out:
Throughout his entire life, Stanley Dance has lived by once principle more than any other; Do things his way. Unfortunately, there are downsides to that. Now an aging man, the former boxer finds himself on his last legs looking for redemption. But with the deck stacked against him, he knows that he’s still got some fight left and he’ll make sure he goes down swinging. Dan Panosian writes and draws Slots #1 from Image Comics, showcasing his bold and breathtaking vision of Las Vegas, a town where everything old can become new again, and superstition influences how the chips fall.

I Hate Fairyland Special Edition #1

Paper Girls #16

Motor Crush #7

Walking Dead #172

Catalyst Prime Astonisher #1

Doctor Crowe #3

Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens Splice And Dice TP

Visitor How and Why He Stayed TP

William Gibsons Archangel HC

How Comics Work SC

Rapture TP

Riverdale Vol 1 TP

Believe it,
G-Man, Henry and John!

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