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Welcome back to an absolutely amazing anniversary! 
Spider-Man webs his way back into multiplexes everywhere this week, and onto the comic racks next week with Spider-Men II #1, by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, and Amazing Spider-Man #30, by Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen, which also sports an X-Men card variant cover! Marvel is rockin’ it next week, with new Old Man Logan, Star Wars, Edge of Venomverse, Secret Empire, and more! No, DC isn’t casting for a new zombie apocalypse film—Dark Days The Casting #1 is the new Batman epic by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, with art by Jim Lee! There’s more DC next week than you can shake a magic lariat at, including new Wonder Woman, Detective Comics, Action Comics, and more! Plus, a ton of great independent series comes out like Deadly Class, Orphan Black, Youngblood, and more! That amazing anniversary we mentioned? It’s our 20th! Read all about it below!

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The Mystery of The Other Miles:
For years, readers have been waiting on the edge of their seat for the reveal of the stunning revelation in the original Spider-Men series, just who is the other Miles Morales? A whirlwind adventure of mystery and intrigue starts here, as Miles and Peter deal with the dire consequences of this stunning doppelganger reveal! The original creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli return for Spider-Men II #1!



The Drums of War:
Things are looking bleak for the Marvel Universe at large. The devastating attacks of Hydra have left many heroes scattered, searching for answers to solve this crisis. The Secret Warriors are still reeling from their battle in New Tian, travelling back to New Attilan in hopes of surviving the crisis at hand. Unfortunately for them, Mr. Hyde and the forces of Hydra are hot on their tail! Secret Warriors #4 comes from writer Matthew Rosenberg with art by Javier Garron. Meanwhile, the time-displaced X-Men find themselves astonished by the rise of Hydra! The X-Men came through time to try and save the future from themselves, but now they may have to save the world BY themselves! X-Men Blue #7 is by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Cory Smith.


Hulked out Heroes:
She’s been sensational, she’s been savage, but never before has she been the Hulk! Jen Walters faces the fallout from Civil War II on her own terms, trying to regain sense of her life. After watching her world shatter and her family taken from her, can Jen find the strength the battle the devastating demons plaguing New York? Or are her personal demons too much to overcome? Hulk Vol 1 TP Deconstructed is by writer Mariko Tamaki with art by Nico Leon and Dalibor Talajic! Then, it’s time to get totally awesome! Amadeus Cho is the strongest there is and the smartest there is (Well, 8th smartest at least). But can he check his ego at the door and accept help when New York is under siege? It’s time for a team up! Totally Awesome Hulk Vol 3 TP Big Apple Showdown is by Greg Pak with art by Luke Ross and a slew of talented creators!


Marvelous Team Titles:
In the wake of the death of his close friend and mentor, Luke Cage sets out to the stop the siege on the streets of Harlem and stand up for his people. Luckily for Luke, he’s not the only one, as the Crew takes form with the arrival of Black Panther, Misty Knight, and Storm! But in order to save the future, they’ll all have to confront a dark truth from the past. Black Panther and the Crew #4 comes from writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artist Butch Guice. Then, Doctor Strange and HIS crew have their work cut out for them! The sorcerers must venture in the great unknown of the future in an attempt to save the life of one of their own! Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme #10 is by writer Robbie Thompson with art by Nathan Stockman!

Heavy Metal:
The Joker returns! A surprise attack threatens to lay waste to all of Batman’s carefully laid plans. Will he be able to regain the trust of Green Lantern and Duke in his effort to prevent darkness from consuming the DC Universe? What of Hawkman, how does he fit into the Dark Knights’ efforts? DC’s comic event of the summer is on its way from writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, featuring the art of Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, and John Romita Jr! The journey to Metal continues here, in Dark Days The Casting #1!

A New Age Starts Here:
Having barely survived the harrowing journey of “Godfall”, Diana tries to take a moment to catch her breath. But as she readies herself to attend a friend’s wedding she gets a cruel reminder… There is no day off for Wonder Woman! A fresh new jumping on point begins here, as writer Shea Fontana and artist Mirka Andolfo present Wonder Woman #26, the beginning of “The Heart of the Amazon!”

Super Stories:
Shanghai has fallen, and Emporer Super-Man rules the ashes? With an army of super villains wrecking havoc in the streets, the Justice League of China leads the movement to take the city back. Unfortunately, the young Kenan Kong is still reeling from the shocking discovery of his mother’s true identity! With Wonder-Woman transformed, and Bat-Man overwhelmed, can the New Flash of China save the day? New Super-Man #13 is by writer Gene Luen Yang with art by Billy Tan. Then, Supergirl must quell the maelstrom tearing apart the Phantom Zone! Can Batgirl survive against the might of the Phantom King? Will this dynamic duo of damsels be able to save the Phantom Zone? Supergirl #11 comes from writer Steve Orlando, with art by Brian Ching.

Justice for All:
A new day dawns for the Justice League as they welcome a slew of new members into their ranks. But can the world’s greatest heroes survive the perils of their oncoming doom? When evil threatens the Earth, will these champions for all be able to unite and save the planet from itself? And if they can make it through that, will they be able to face themselves? Follow the adventures of the Justice League as they charge onward onto the horizon, defining a new era for the legendary team! Justice League Rebirth Vol 1 HC collects the Justice League: Rebirth #1 special, and issues #1-#11 of the ongoing series from Bryan Hitch, Tony Daniel, Matthew Clark, and more!


Bathed in Blood:
Life has never been easy for the students of King’s Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts, and the newest class of students knows that all too well! After going through the trials of a deadly education, they find themselves standing tall, baptized in blood and fire. But the Student Council has plans to change all of that. Deadly Class #29 comes from writer Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig.






Believe it,
G-Man, Henry and John!


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