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Welcome back to a fantabulous week in comics! 
There’s no rest for the Caped Crusader!  Dark Nights: Metal continues to rock the DCU in Batman the Red Death #1, and it’s no laughing as “Jokes and Riddles” continues in Batman #31!  Harley Quinn runs for Mayor of NYC, Warren Ellis serves up some new Wild Storm, and beauty and the beast battle side by side when the Amazon princess meets THE barbarian in Wonder Woman Conan #1!  Marvel unleashes more Generations, with Ms. Marvel & Ms. Marvel #1, a fresh vat of vile Venomized villain covers, new Star Wars and more!

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A Fear of Clowns:
When Batwoman’s father, Colonel Jacob Kane, realized that Kate would never become the soldier he wanted, he chose someone else to lead his secret paramilitary group, the Colony. Now, Colony Prime finds himself face to face with Kate Kane, but the two will have to make amends if they hope to survive the terror of the Scarecrow! Batwoman #7 is by writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Fernando Blanco. Then, “The War of Jokes and Riddles” continues! It’s tough to beat the biggest puzzlemakers in the world at their own game, and Batman’s gambits have only pulled him deeper into the mud with Riddler and the Joker. Now, all of Gotham City hangs in the balance! Batman #31 is by writer Tom King with art by Mikel Janin.




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Adventure Awaits:
Forager has seen all ends of space over the years, but has he ever peaked behind the veil of death? The man known as Bug meets Boston Brand, the notorious Deadman! Trapped in a cybernetic body, the former acrobat needs help getting free and the dimension jumping Forager just might be the key to his survival! Bug! The Adventures of Forager #4 is by writer Lee Allred, with art by Mike and Laura Allred. Then, join Cave Carson on his most dangerous adventure yet! After learning the devastating truth behind his cybernetic eye, Cave must defeat the Whisperer and his forces once and for all, or forever suffer the consequences. Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #12 is by writers Jon Rivera and Mark Russell, with art by Michael Avon Oeming.

The Dynamic Duo Reunites:
Not so long ago, Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne were the dynamic duo, fighting crime and saving the world. But times have changed. Dick now operates out of Blüdhaven and has to save his world from being torn apart when an old foe reemerges. Nightwing is going to have to team up with Robin if he is going to have any hope of saving his girlfriend from the new Deathwing, Professor Pyg, Dr. Hurt. It’s not going to be easy. Nightwing TP Vol 3 Nightwing Must Die comes from writer Tim Seeley with art by Javier Fernandez and collects issues 16-21 of the hit series.

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Mighty Ms. Marvels Meet:
Meeting your heroes never goes quite the way you’d expect. Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel have had their ups and downs, but now Kamala finds herself working for Woman Magazine, Carol’s old job! As Kamala tries to figure out what got her in this topsy-turvy situation, she’ll have to face some hard truths about herself and her once-mentor! Writer G. Willow Wilson works with artist Paolo Villanelli to tell this tale of self-discovery in Generations Ms. Marvel & Ms. Marvel #1.

Avengers Assemble:
To say that Secret Empire derailed the Avengers is a bit of an understatement. With the Scarlet Witch possessed, Thor sent to another dimension, and Vision hijacked, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes suffered greatly under the might of Hydra. Now, the team tries to recollect themselves and gather ‘roud Sam Wilson as he makes a decision that will change the face of the Avengers! Avengers #11 is by writer Mark Waid with art by Mike Del Mundo. Elsewhere, the carnage of Secret Empire has left Roberto Da Costa and he team at A.I.M. at a critical juncture. With Cannonball still missing in action, can the team pick themselves up for one last mssion? U.S. Avengers #10 is by writer Al Ewing with art by Paco Diaz.

Peter Parker
Spectacular Spider-Man #4

Avengers #11

Invincible Iron Man #11

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Venom Unleashed:
Eddie Brock has been whisked off to a planet devastated by horrors. One by one, the Poisons have consumed the Venomized platoon of Marvel Heroes, each tasked with saving humanity’s future. As their forces dwindle and with no other choice revealing itself, Venom thinks up a longshot plan to stop the endless assault on the planet. It’s either going to be a miracle or an absolute bloodbath. Good thing Venom doesn’t mind getting dirty. Venomverse #3 comes from writer Cullen Bunn with art by Iban Coello and features the heroes of the Marvel Universe in bold and excited new ways!

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Total Gold:
Amadeus Cho has seen a lot of ups and downs during his time as the Hulk. From monster hunters to homemade hulks, the foes seem to keep lining up. Now, in the wake of his journey with Weapon X, has Amadeus Cho been pushed too far? Can he truly be Totally Awesome, or does something incredible lurk on the horizon? Totally Awesome Hulk #23 is by Greg Pak with art by Ibraim Roberson. Then, the X-Men are on the verge of discovering the truth about the mysterious alien Kologoth! Captured during a run-in with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Kologoth has been patiently waiting, ready to strike out on a mission of his own. That time is now! It all unfolds in X-Men Gold #12 by Marc Guggenheim and Luke Ross.




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Millarworld Returns:
The Millarworld Annual is back! After an internation hunt for the world’s best new comic book talent, a fresh crop of talented creators are taking on the hit characters of superstar writer Mark Millar. Featuring stories based on Huck, Superior, Empress, and Nemesis, the second annual is an instant collector’s item! And the recent news of Netflix acquiring the rights to the sensational Millarworld creators, you never know who will be popping up in the world of TV and film next! Millarworld Annual 2017 is presented by Mark Millar and features worldwide talents galore!

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Believe it,
G-Man, Henry and John!

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