17 Jun, 2012


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Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here, with some indie talk for you. With such long running series as Irredeemable and The Boys ending this year, you may be looking for a book to take their place. Or, you’re looking to branch out from your usual fare (nothing wrong with Marvel and/or DC, but variety is the spice of life). Look no further, as I have 5 books that have launched recently that I think are worth a read!


Creator Owned Heroes is an anthology comic from Image. The first issue came out June 6th, and it looks to be a rotating cast of creators. The first issue had two stories: American Muscle by Steve Niles and Kevin Mellon; and Trigger Girl 6 by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Phil Noto. The stories are not necessarily of the superhero variety: American Muscle shows us a group of people in a post-apocalyptic world, while Trigger Girl 6 is reminiscent of the Bourne series, with an amnesiac girl making amazing escapes trying to kill her target. Also included are some magazine style elements,


Thief of Thieves is like the All-Star collaboration of independent books. Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman plotted the story, while Morning Glories’ Nick Spencer writing the first arc. Add in the brilliant art of Shawn Martinborough, and you have a well-written, beautifully drawn comic. The series revolves around Conrad Paulson, the greatest thief ever. Paulson has seemingly retired, but with an old enemy breathing down his neck, Paulson is about to pull off his most amazing trick yet. The first few issues have sold out, but there are multiple printings, so you can still read this series, which has been picked up by AMC to be produced as a show!


YOU ARE ILLEGAL ON THIS EARTH! That was the line advertised in a bunch of BOOM! Studios comic books the past few months. The series it was promoting, Higher Earth, has arrived! The story revolves around the concept that there’s a multiverse of Earths, and that they are used for different purposes. We meet Heidi on one of the lower earths, when a mysterious man crashes into her life, and shows her earths beyond her imagination. The series has just started, so jump on board while you can!


Another sci-fi series by one of my favorites, Jonathan Hickman, Manhattan Projects revolves around the idea that the group tasked with creating the atomic bomb had other things going on. The Hickman brand of sci-fi, taking something grounded in reality and sending it soaring into the heights of fiction, is something I absolutely love. From the MPD psycho that is Robert Oppenheimer, to the cyborg rocket scientist Werner von Braun, the intrigue and scientific wonder of the series makes it one of my top 10 titles right now!


Of course, we can’t talk about hot new indie series without talking about Brian K. Vaughn. Vaughn’s had a brief absence from comics (Ex Machina wrapped in 2010), but he’s back and with a bang. A starcrossed couple caught in  between an intergalactic civil war of technology and magic, a baby narrating it’s own life, and a mix of classic fantasy and modern storytelling… that’s what you get from Saga. BKV has always been a writer that could draw me to a book, and this book is another example of his wit, storytelling and dialogue. Fiona Staples’ art isn’t too bad either.

Well that’s it for now, check out some of these books, you won’t be disappointed. Until Next Time—

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