Holy raffle, Batman! Midtown Comics and Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers are joining forces to become the new Dynamic Duo, and we have a fun opportunity for you: free tickets to The LEGO Batman Movie! Want to win a pair of tickets to see the fun movie at the awesome theater? The movie is on Thursday (2/9) at 6:45pm. Enter below!

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Article by Gregg Katzman

Daredevil has faced many cruel and scary people over the years, but few are as bloodthirsty and frightening as Marvel’s ultimate evil marksman: Bullseye. The accurate assassin is known for being a vicious villain, capable of throwing anything with lethal accuracy and boasting reflexes quick enough to block a bullet, and now he’s returning to the spotlight in his very own ongoing series. We all know what the fearsome foe does for work, but what does he do for fun? The new series – by writers Ed Brisson and Marv Wolfman, and artists Guillermo Sanna and Alec Morgan – goes on sale this Wednesday (get your copy HERE), so we’re celebrating with some fun facts about the barbaric bad guy!

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We got some listener questions this week, and we sure do answer them! Plus, all the events coming up at Midtown Comics including signing and sales, we also chat CW’s new Archie show Riverdale, and some great news about friend of the show Matt Rosenberg’s We Can Never Go Home! All that and more!

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Enter the fabulous world of comics and work for the premier retailer.  In addition to your natural born love of comics, the following are the basic skills required:

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Holy great contest, Batman! To celebrate the release of The LEGO Batman Movie, we’re offering all of the cool Caped Crusader fans out there the chance to see an advanced screening! Want a ticket? Click the link below!

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