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Article by Gregg Katzman

The third Wolverine solo movie, Logan, is almost in theaters! There’s a lot of reasons to get excited – like the cinematic debut of X-23 and the R rating – and you can bet we’re pretty much counting down the days until we can watch Hugh Jackman unleash as the adamantium clawed X-Man. In the meantime, let’s prepare for the movie by reading some comics that Logan appears to be loosely inspired by, and other comics that just might one day serve as inspiration for an X-23 movie!

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Take a look at the two latest DC Rebirth collections! Preview the pages and the extras, and then add them to your collection!

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Enter the fabulous world of comics and work for the premiere retailer.  In addition to your natural born love of comics, the following are the basic skills required:


  • Must Be Detail Oriented
  • Advanced Comic Knowledge A Must
  • Must have the ability to lift boxes up to 50 pounds
  • Must be available to work Full Time
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Ted and Gavin interview writers Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson about their new Comic ‘The Dregs’ from Black Mask Studios. Then our intrepid hosts have a look at the new cast of Hulu’s adaptation of Marvel’s The Runaways, review the pilot of DC Comics first comedy Powerless, Ben Affleck giving up the director’s chair of The Batman, and as always, top picks!

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Article by Gregg Katzman

Daredevil has faced many cruel and scary people over the years, but few are as bloodthirsty and frightening as Marvel’s ultimate evil marksman: Bullseye. The accurate assassin is known for being a vicious villain, capable of throwing anything with lethal accuracy and boasting reflexes quick enough to block a bullet, and now he’s returning to the spotlight in his very own ongoing series. We all know what the fearsome foe does for work, but what does he do for fun? The new series – by writers Ed Brisson and Marv Wolfman, and artists Guillermo Sanna and Alec Morgan – goes on sale this Wednesday (get your copy HERE), so we’re celebrating with some fun facts about the barbaric bad guy!

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