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Who wants to attend the world premiere of Suicide Squad in NYC? We’re guessing a lot of you just screamed “I do!” Well, here’s your chance, DC fan, but you have to hurry! We’re giving away tickets, and all you need to do is click the link below. Go, go, go!

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Article by Gregg Katzman

There are a lot of great comic book series out there, and they all stick in your memory for totally different reasons. Some of them will make you think about important and topical issues, while others do a brilliant job with drama and emotion. Some comics, however, focus on keeping a smile on your face the entire time. Well, Skottie Young and Jean-Francois Beaulieu’s I Hate Fairyland is definitely one of those comics that aims to make you grin. This Image Comics title is so impressively fun that I can’t stop smiling and laughing whenever I read a new chapter. Every issue is overflowing with creativity and such enjoyable silliness. So, it should come as no surprise that the seventh issue – which, at the time of this writing, goes on sale tomorrow – continued to remind me why I love this beautiful, clever, and hilarious series so very much.

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Article by Enrique Varona

Every comic is a gateway to a world of wonder. Top talent collaborators provide intense imagery that can dazzle the mind, bringing readers to bizarre landscapes or welcoming them into a comfortable reimagining of years gone by. Be they painted, penciled, detailed, or minimalist, a cover can set the tone for an entire story. At Midtown Comics, we are fascinated by the different art styles that grace the books on our illustrious shelves, so we want to share the best of the best with you! Here’s a few of our favorite covers for this upcoming week, and a bunch of extra mentions that we couldn’t contain our excitement for!

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Ethan GL

In brightest day, in blackest night… let no contest escape my sight! Artist Ethan Van Sciver recently visited Midtown Comics to put his signature on copies of Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth #1 for dozens and dozens of fans, but that’s not all he signed. The man who has drawn countless ring-slingers also signed one of the very awesome DC Collectibles Hal Jordan action figures! Do you want to add this cool cosmic figure to your collection? All you need to do is enter the contest below!

Note: The winner must have a U.S. address.

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It’s time to boldly go to Star Trek: Mission New York! The can’t-miss cosmic event will take place in the Javits Center in NYC! Starting today – Monday, July 18th –all 3 Midtown Comics stores are selling tickets. Tickets are ONLY available in store.

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This week Gavin, Gregg, and Ted chat about the new mobile game Pokémon GO and Avengers Academy, what’s going on with the Hulk in Civil War II, Batman v Superman The Ultimate Edition gets a review, Marvel Now’s solicits, and everything Rebirth has to offer!

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