13 Apr, 2011

MoCCA Recap: The Little Things….

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Hello Midtown Bloggertines! Raph here with some thoughts and insights. This past weekend, the MoCCA Festival took place at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue. MoCCA is, of course, the Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art. The Festival is in it’s 9th year, and it features a lot of independent, small press companies and creators. Mostly, the artists are all students or recent graduates of art schools like SVA or CCS. The main hall of the armory houses the show floor, and there are panel rooms downstairs. This was my 5th or 6th MoCCA fest, and it was an enjoyable time.

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First it was FANTASTIC FOUR #587 and the death of Johnny Storm. Now it’s ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #160 and the possible death of Peter Parker. Are polybags are the new variant? In this case they’re both!

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Via Marvel.com

Last week at a special event sponsored by Marvel and the FDNY held at Midtown Comics, Marvel super heroes Spider-Man and Captain America along with our very own editor Bill Rosemann and members of the FDNY swung by to educate the children of PS 51 Elias Howe on fire safety.

08 Apr, 2011

WONDERCON 2011: My Favorite Things

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Greetings Blogvengers! If it’s early in the week, it must be time for some Raph Rampage on your computer screens! This week, the reality of life sets in. You and I can’t go to every convention out there (unless you’ve got someone to subsidize your comic habit or are independently wealthy… grumble grumble), and WonderCon 2011 has come and gone without us. FRET NOT BLOG READER! I’ve chosen my favorite tidbits to present to you! I would like to thank the people at Comic Book Resources (www.comicbookresources.com) and Newsarama (www.newsarama.com ) for having people at the con doing the reporting. Check those pages out for extensive coverage!

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Hey there, Midtown Bloggerite! It’s Raph, and I’ve got some Fear Itself goodies! With yesterday’s release of Fear Itself and the Fear Itself Home Front tie-in, we are heading into Marvel’s biggest event of 2011! I got the chance to ask Fear Itself writer and personal friend (hah! If only…) Matt Fraction about the first ish. This will be a very spoiler-ish discussion, so I would suggest waiting until after you’ve read Fear Itself to dive in.

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