This week we talk with Vertigo editor Mark Doyle about his work on Scott Snyder’s American Vampire, the future of Vertigo Comics at DC Entertainment and what Mark looks for in a great pitch. Turns out it’s not Sandman meets Doom Patrol…

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HELLO Midtown Blogerine! It’s the second of our three “5 Q’s” THIS WEEK!! This time with one of the major architects of the X-Men Universe, Kieron Gillen! Hopefully, the lobbies of Marvel and DC won’t have a picture of me in their “banned from the building” list…

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Fans of unicorns and talking gorillas rejoice, the internet comic Dr. McNinja is hitting the shelves of your favorite comic book shop thanks to Dark Horse. And this time, as the back of the book promises, he is in full color.

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17 May, 2011

5 Questions with Zatanna’s Jamal Igle

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Hello there Midtowner! Raph’s back this week with a TRIPLE dose of blogging goodness! It’s all about the Q’s and the A’s this week! For this first one, I got to talk to artist Jamal Igle about Zatanna. Jamal started working on the title recently, and he collaborates with one of the most celebrated names in comics Paul Dini (he of the DCAU, or “Diniverse”, fame).

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This week Thor and Dimitrios talk to writer Brandon Montclare about his upcoming mini-series Fear Itself: Fearsome Four. We also get a trip down memory lane with Brandon as he tells us about his time working as an editor at DC Comics on such projects like All-Star Batman, All-Star Superman, Hellblazer, and Madame Xanadu!

Brandon Montclare, Michael Kaluta and Ryan Bodenheim will be at Midtown Comics Downtown on Wednesday June 8th from 6-7:30 to celebrate the release of Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #1! For more details and to RSVP head to our Facebook page!