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08 Mar, 2011


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If it’s early in the week, it must be time for me to drop some comic book insight! Hello Midtown Bloggos (still working on that)! This past week saw the release of a book I have been eagerly anticipating… Chew #17! No seriously, I did a write-up on the Marvel Cosmic saga by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, which has been blowing my mind since Annihilation. Marvel’s Kosmic Kings (alliterative stretch I know) have done an amazing job, and the newest series, Annihilators, is now here to rock our socks off.

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Hey there Midtown Blog Readers (you need a better name than that), it’s early in the week, and it’s time for me to opine on some thoughts I’ve been having. This week, some sad news, and a book that is long overdue for a review.
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