Liz here! I was lucky enough to get a chance to ask writer/artist Howard Chaykin some questions about his return to The Shadow for the first time in almost 30 years, with Dynamite Entertainment’s The Shadow: Midnight in Moscow #1 released May 7, New York City, and who would win in a fight; The Shadow or Batman. Keep reading to hear what Howard has to say!

25 Feb, 2014

Indie Comics Weekly: Special Edition!

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     Hi dudes and ladies! Back again. If you read my last post (you should’ve), you’ll know that comic conventions are a huge part of staying up to date on our favorite subject. Every year, NYC is paraded by cosplayers and badge-touting fans marching toward the west most end of Manhattan for that magical event we all look forward to year-round, NYCC. In recent years, New York’s own Comic Con has grown significantly. Attendance has skyrocketed, and the show floor has evolved into a pop culture super dome, hosting booths and panels devoted solely to video games, television, movies, anime, and manga, etc. Hardcore comic fans love sifting through, and find solace in the sunlit aisles of artist alley, the show’s most positively reviewed feature since its revamping in 2012. For those who want more of that up-close mingling with their favorite creators, comes ReedPOP’s very first Special Edition: NYC.


     So what is Special Edition: NYC? The inaugural event, taking place June 14-15 at the Javits Center North in NYC, will host an overall Artist Alley type feeling, bringing die-hard comic fans close to the creators they love, and offer a limited number of purely comic book focused panels. It is not meant to be a mini-NYCC, and will really seek to please those who have been yearning for solely comic book based cons to make a comeback. ReedPOP Global Vice President, Lance Fensterman says that the show will focus on and serve that core comic fan and community. “We’re trying to keep it really pure to comics, with a little bit of kind of an indie bent to it”, says Fensterman. So far, 20 creators have been listed on Special Edition: NYC’s website as attending (including but not limited to some of my favorites, like Alex Maleev, Rafael Albuquerque, Ryan Browne, Mike Norton) and tickets go on sale Wednesday, February 26 (today!) at 12PM EST over at specialeditionnyc.com – get your tickets now, you won’t want to miss it!

Now that we’ve discussed what I’ll be doing the weekend of June 14, hit the jump to move on to my favorite books this week!

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21 Feb, 2014

5 New Image Books You Should Be Reading

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Hello! After a brief hiatus, we’re back with more books for you to read! For the past decade or so, Image has done an amazing job of picking up talented creators and letting them produce some amazing work. From Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead and Invincible to John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chew to Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples’ Saga to Matt Fraction’s and Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals,  there’s a treasure trove of talent that has found their way to Image. Here are five fairly new releases that I think are some of the better ones in comics.

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19 Feb, 2014

Weekly Indie Picks & Tips For Finding Hard to Find Comics!

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          Hey, Liz again!  I’ve been working at Midtown Comics for a year and a half or so, as a Customer Service Specialist in our offices. That means, if you’ve discovered the incredible convenience of ordering your comics online to be shipped right to your door, you’ve probably spoken to me. I hear from comic fans all day, every day, and one question I get a lot is, “how do I know which indie books to buy?” It can be hard to stay in the know when there’s so much great stuff being published at the moment. Here are just a few tips on staying indie-savvy:

  1. Previews! I know, It’s huge and there are so many pages. Ugh. Inside, though, lurk solicits from indie/creator-owned publishers who want you to find their books AND get them at a sweet discount. Browse monthly for cover images that entice you and then do research on the internet if you need more convincing. The final step is making sure you pre-order that issue. Really! It’s important because you save some change, but you also support the creative team directly, by letting their publisher know that you care and want that book. It also lets retailers know that people are excited, so we can prepare to provide you with more of what you really want!
  2. Cons. You don’t have to dress up, but you should show up. It can be hectic, but creative teams and publishers come out to conventions with all intention of showing you what they’ve really got. You’ll find books you didn’t know were already out, along with books they’re just announcing before they’re even available.
  3. Follow writers and artists you already know and love. This is a tried and true method of finding awesome new books that aren’t being advertised everywhere. Are you a fan of Jason Aaron (Amazing X-Men, Thor)? I definitely am. You may find tons of info on his current Marvel endeavors on the Internet, but if you keep your eye open for his name specifically, fans of his amazing Vertigo series Scalped will learn that Southern Bastards, his new Image published, creator-owned series is due out in April of this year, and is available for pre-order now.

                With all that being said, keep your eyes and ears open, and great new books will come to you. I promise.  As always, follow the jump to find my picks for this week’s new releases!

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Midtown Comics of NYC will have a booth at London Super Comic Con at the Exel Centre, and we need some help!

What we need:

We need YOU to hand out our promotional material at or near our booth at London Super Comic Con for about half of each day.
When and where:

March 15 and 16 at London Super Comic Con
What’s in it for you:

A FREE full weekend badge to enjoy the convention during the hours you’re not working.  Also, you’ll receive a Midtown Comics online gift card in the amount of $10.00 per each hour that you work, valid at MidtownComics.com.
What to do next:

If you’re interested, just drop us a line at info@midtowncomics.com with subject line “London” and we’ll reply with a brief application.

For more information on London Super Comic Con, visit LondonSuperComicConvention.com

For more information on Midtown Comics, visit MidtownComics.com

Thanks, and we hope to see you at the con!

Your friends at Midtown Comics in NYC

12 Feb, 2014

Indie Comics with Liz #1!

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 Hey Midtowners! I’m Liz, and I’m here to talk Indie comics. Like a lot of other comic book lovers, I fell in love at an early age, and everything I loved wore a cape. As I got older, I lost touch with some of those classic stories and felt a little overwhelmed coming back in. But, TADA!, I was introduced to some incredible under-the-radar books that reignited my ever burning flame for sequential art and storytelling. And now look at us, all here together. Brings a tear to my eye. Really.

        I’ll be around, writing blog posts right here that focus on Indie comics, Indie Movements, the people who make them, and the people who love them (that’s us!). You can find my first set of weekly picks below. I’ll also try to do spotlights on the books, creators, or movements I love the most at the moment. My indie doesn’t discriminate, so I’ll try to cover the smallest books that pique my interest, to the creator owned books everyone’s talking about. If you have any suggestions for me to pick up, or books you specifically want to hear about, let me know!

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