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One lucky winner will have the chance to win the all new Captain America #1 signed by actor Chris Evans!

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This week Thor flies solo without Dimitrios! Thankfully writer Jon Price stops by to talk about his book MAGUS. Thor and Jon also get into their experiences being in Nerd Rock bands and the evolution of geek cool.

12 Jul, 2011

Fear Itself #4 Q & A with Matt Fraction

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Hello Midtowners!! Bloggerinos!! Compatriots! Raph’s back and Fear Itself was released last week, which means Matt Fraction’s inbox was bombarded by yours truly! Matt and I had a pretty good discussion going, but why tell you when I can SHOW YOU!

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DC recently conducted their Retailer Roadshow to introduce their new 52 titles and get retailers reactions to the bold new direction of DC. As a result of these meetings we’ve got a very informative Q&A supplied by Bob Wayne, SVP of sales at DC Comics in an effort to explain the  launching of the 52 titles in September. Read on!

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Hey there Midtown Blogadoccios, Raph here this time to let you know about some “Amazing” events going down with Spider-Man, as well as with Midtown Comics itself! Spider-Island is set to start with Amazing Spider Man issue #666, and it looks to be one of the biggest Spider-Man events in recent memory! Midtown Comics, the largest comics retailer in the world (and employers of yours truly) are having some huge things done to celebrate this new Spidey event!

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