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In this Post-Rapture World we now live in, it’s good to affirm that things still happen, but if Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross had their way, Apocalypse may yet come from beyond the stars, thanks to the dastardly… Jack Kirby???

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25 May, 2011

5 Q’s with Christos Gage

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Hey there Midtown Bloggies! Raph’s back with another 5 Q’s! Guess you can blame me for any late books…

CHRISTOS GAGE is currently writing a boatload of books, including GI Joe, but what I’ve been really enjoying is his Avengers Academy series for Marvel Comics. Christos worked on Avengers: Initiative, which was a book in which all of the people who registered in the Superhero Registration Act were trained and taught how to act in their new roles as government sponsored protectors. The book initially focused on a small group, but with the size of the campus, voices get drowned out. In Avengers Academy, Christos is focusing on a small group of super-powered teens, who were taken in by Norman Osborn… and tortured to become the next generation of villains. The Avengers feel these kids are the most at-risk, and base the Academy around them. The moments between characters and the overall interactions are some of my favorite coming from Marvel, and so it was a pleasure to speak with Christos about his work.

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New York, NY, May 23, 2011- Midtown Comics in New York City will present legendary Batman artists Jerry Robinson signing at Midtown Comics Downtown on Wednesday May 25th from 5:00 to 6:30 PM.

Jerry Robinson: As a teenager in early 1939, the art of Jerry Robinson caught the eye of Batman co-creator Bob Kane, who quickly hired him to work in his studio to help create the prodigious amount of Batman strips that were needed to satisfy phenomenal demand.  In 1941, Jerry struck gold twice, and created both Robin and the Joker, and the rest is pop culture history.  Mr. Robinson will be signing his book Jet Scott, from Dark Horse Comics.

At 89 years young, Jerry Robinson is still involved with the comics community making appearances at conventions like San Diego Comic Con, and we’re honored to host such a prestigious creator at Midtown Comics!

Jet Scott: In the 1950s, when the world was faced with strange or anomalous threats, there was one man who was called on to set the situation right—Jet Scott of the Office of Scientifact! Whether it was tracking down deadly Banthrax germs, uncovering the source of strange ocean creatures, or discovering the cause of spontaneously combusting pipelines in Saudi Arabia, Jet Scott was the adventurer who could get to the truth!

Dark Horse Comics is the third-largest comics publisher in the U.S., and is known for such titles as Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hellboy.

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This week we talk with Vertigo editor Mark Doyle about his work on Scott Snyder’s American Vampire, the future of Vertigo Comics at DC Entertainment and what Mark looks for in a great pitch. Turns out it’s not Sandman meets Doom Patrol…

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HELLO Midtown Blogerine! It’s the second of our three “5 Q’s” THIS WEEK!! This time with one of the major architects of the X-Men Universe, Kieron Gillen! Hopefully, the lobbies of Marvel and DC won’t have a picture of me in their “banned from the building” list…

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