Check out all the fun from the Scott Pilgrim Vol.6 Midnight release party and costume contest at Midtown Comics Times Square!

Hundreds of fans came out — some in full costume — for Midtown’s Scott Pilgrim Midnight Opening to get Volume 6 (at 25% off — along with everything else in the store!) Click here to buy Scott Pilgrim, Volume 6!

Writer Jim Shooter and artist Dennis Calero sign Doctor Solar #1 from Dark Horse! Jim Shooter started writing Action Comics and Adventure Comics for DC at the age of 14, and is well known for his time as editor-in-chief at Marvel and Valiant Comics. Jim wrote the successful Marvel Comics event Secret Wars and was the first to put Spider-Man in his famous black costume. Dennis Calero has done the art on Legion of Super-Heroes for DC Comics, X-Men: Noir for Marvel Comics and several titles for other companies including Moonstone Books and IDW. Dennis also worked on Cowboys and Aliens which is set to be released as a major film in 2011.

Alan & Jen discuss Officer Downe, Rebels, Inferior 5 & the Legion of Substitute Heroes!

Midtown TV covers Olivia’s signing at Times Square! Jose talks to Olivia plus some of her hundreds of fans in attendance.

We’re back! This week we talk to Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col and Andy Belanger, the creative team behind the new IDW series Kill Shakespeare. We learn all about their book, talk about Zuda comics going under and the world of digital comics.