23 Mar, 2011

FF #1 with Tom Brevoort

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Hey Midtownites, Raph here with a special treat: I’ve got a review of FF #1, and an interview with Tom Brev0ort, Senior VP for Publishing for Marvel Comics.

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Superman Earth One artist Shane Davis talks to Thor and Dimitrios about his work on the book and drops some major insight into Superman Earth One Volume 2! Also, Monkey dating.

17 Mar, 2011

Who’s the Fastest?

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Superman vs. Flash! We’ve always wanted to know who would really win this epic race. This week SUPERMAN #709 hit shelves. Could it finally provide us with an answer that could put the geek feuds to rest? Find out…

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Hello Midtownians, Raph here with my weekly musings. This week, I want to talk about my experience of the Pax East 2011 convention in Boston, and how awesome geek fandom is overall. Now some of you may wonder what that has to do with comic books.  I’ll get to that later, but first, just a quick recounting of events at PAX East.

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Amber Benson and Anton Strout stop by Midtown Comics Downtown to talk to fans and sign their new books!

Director Kevin Smith stops by Midtown Comics Grand Central to meet with fans and answer questions about his upcoming film Red State, and his comics projects!