By Michael Kim  – @michaelny11731

Hello Midtowners, this is Michael from the back issues department for this blog entry on comic books and sports.  The Guardians of The Galaxy are the 2014 box office champions.  With no upcoming films to give the Guardians competition in their record gross earning, the Guardians will be sitting pretty for the rest of the year.  The GOTG were underdogs, B/C/D-listers in the Marvel library.  They’re known by comic book fans, but questioned by the casual ones.  They lacked the commercial appeal of The Avengers and other Marvel characters.  The Guardians weren’t (at the time) a household name, they weren’t iconic.  Producing a space adventure film made sense to keep the Infinity Gems and Thanos in the broad picture of the Marvel cinematic universe.  However, to use relative unknowns as their vehicle seemed risky.  Well, it seems the gamble by Marvel paid off.

The accomplishment of the film made me think of other success stories.  300 directed by Zack Snyder and based on the Frank Miller comic book series comes to mind: low budget, huge box office return.  But I digress.  This blog entry is about comic books and sports.  If the Guardians of The Galaxy film were a professional sports franchise, they would be the Super Bowl XVLIII Champion Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League.  Before Super Bowl XVLIII (48,) the last professional sports championship that the city of Seattle WA won was in 1979 by the Supersonics in the National Basketball Association (NBA.)  The franchise saw some success in the 90’s with head coach George Karl, point guard Gary Payton, and power forward Shawn Kemp.  The franchise came close to another championship, but lost to Michael Jordan and The Chicago Bulls.  In 2006, the team (along with eventual 2013-2014 Most Valuable Player of the Year Kevin Durant) was sold and moved to Oklahoma City OK, now named the Thunder.

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By Jacobus Dixon

Why do they call it the Golden Age of comics? There were only three real big shot characters that anyone cared about. You got Superman, Captain Marvel, and Batman — what more was there? Well…actually there were quite a number of them. True, they may not have been as successful as Superman, but they were definitely hits. And like Superman and Batman, they belonged to Harry Donenfeld. Ol’ Donny had his hands in exactly three comic book publishers; Detective Comics Inc., National Allied Publications, and All-American Publications. He’d eventually combine the three into National Periodical Publications by the mid-40s, but for now they were separate companies run by separate guys (but all bankrolled by Donenfeld). While Superman headlined National Allied Publications, and Batman did the same for Detective Comics Inc., All-American would pitch its own superhero heavy hitters, and give Donenfeld a tight fist on the superhero genre.

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We’re having a pizza party at the Midtown Comics Podcast! Midtown Comics crew Ted, Andrew, and Sam along with co-host and customer Gavin chat with Kill Shakespeare writer Anthony Del Col about the Kill Shakespeare universe and the projects it has spawned, including an upcoming board game.  He talks about his new book Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini.  Then, we pit him against the collected minds of the hosts in a game of trivia about the characters he writes about.  He then talks about his love for boy bands, which turns into the birth of a brand new comic book idea.


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By Michael Kim – @michaelny11731


Stop yelling Detective Mills (Brad Pitt) from the film Seven.  Whatever is in the box obviously pertains to the 6th and 7th deadly sins, in which Kevin Spacey’s character, John Doe, elaborately planned out to the very end of the movie…I mean really planned this out…he had a lot of free time for all 7 deadly sins!  Absolutely terrifying work, it could have been a great comic book series as well, but we wouldn’t get Morgan Freeman’s voice…

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