Protect your comic collection

By Michael Kim

Hello Midtowners, this is Michael from the back issues department of Midtown Comics for another blog entry on protecting your collection.  On the last entry, we talked about preserving and/or conserving your collection focusing on comic books.  In preservation, you would protect your comic book by simply bagging and boarding.  In conservation, you would restore it close to the day it came off the printing press by color retouch, paper repair, replacing staples, etc.  You could consider preservation for monetary value and conservation for sentimental value and/or historical relevance.  Uniqueness or intrinsic value could fall under both.  How unique is the comic book to the owner without the possibility of reselling it?  Is it inscribed to you?  How unique is it to the world of collectors?  Does is have monetary value because it’s scarce, misprinted, or recalled?

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Original Midtown Comics Podcast Co-host Dimitrios (Manager of Midtown Comics Grand Central) finally makes his first appearance on the new show.  He fills in Ted (Manager of Midtown Comics Downtown) and Andrew (Midtown Comics Marketing Manager) about how he created his comic, Greasers in Greece.  We have lots of questions to answer this week, and we let you know what books we’re all looking forward to this week.

We apologize for the audio issues in this episode and will try our best for it not to happen again.

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DE Contest

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Selfie Covers

Remember last month’s DC Bombshells Covers Guide?  Well, DC is currently releasing an army of selfie covers for its characters!  Read on for the complete guide and release dates of these wacky fun-filled selfie variants! Read the rest of this entry »