Hey there Midtown Blog Readers (you need a better name than that), it’s early in the week, and it’s time for me to opine on some thoughts I’ve been having. This week, some sad news, and a book that is long overdue for a review.
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Midtown Comics TV takes you to the Red Carpet premiere of the new DC Comics animated film, All-Star Superman and gets interviews from Christina Hendricks, Dwayne McDuffie & Andrea Romano!

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22 Feb, 2011

Reviews, Waiting for MvC3…

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So I decided to be frugal (cheap) and hunt for a website that sold Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (for PS3) for less than retail… so I don’t have a review of the game available just yet. And rather than bore you with discussion of footage I saw online (which you can see for yourself, check out the thread on Superfandom.com), I thought I would kick the Twee out and do some good ol’ earnest reviewing.
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Watch out! Godzilla is smashing Midtown! This exclusive Midtown Comics cover for GODZILLA: MONSTER WORLD #1 will be available March 30th for only $3.99!
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17 Feb, 2011

Twee-views, Batgirl Love Letter

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So this week I have another quick 3 Twee-views (reviews of comics in 140 characters or less) and in a shameless attempt to cash in on Valentine’s Day, a love letter to one of my favorite comics out there: Batgirl.
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