Midtown Comics has created another fun contest for you to enter! This time, with the help of Dynamite Entertainment, we’re giving away rare Dynamite incentives EVERY DAY from 08/18/14 – 08/23/14! These rare Dynamite Incentives are hard to find, but we’re happy to give them away to our lucky winners! You can only enter each contest once, but can build up more entries by Liking our page on Facebook, Following us on Twitter, Following us on Pinterest, and Tweeting at us about the contest. You can gain more entries by referring your friends or signing up for our newsletter as well! Find more details about each individual contest below! 

DE Contest

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Selfie Covers

Remember last month’s DC Bombshells Covers Guide?  Well, DC is currently releasing an army of selfie covers for its characters!  Read on for the complete guide and release dates of these wacky fun-filled selfie variants! Read the rest of this entry »

The gang is back and we got a lot to talk about!  Midtown Comics Downtown Store Manager Ted is joined once again by Sam and Andrew. Gavin is nowhere to be found, but we have a special caller to fill in for him. We also have a customer and friend of the store, Dan, to go head-to-head against Ted in X-Men trivia!

We talk about the incredible launch of the New York Comic Con ticket sales at our stores and how great it was to see a great turnout! Andrew tries to find how much a comic expert Ted is, by pitting him against Dan in a battle of comic knowledge about Grant Morrison’s New X-Men—a series that Dan just finished reading and Ted read five years ago!  Then we talk about our favorite comics for the week and what we’re looking forward to next week.  We even get a little conversation about Lost in there somehow!

If you have any questions for the gang, let us know by contacting us through Twitter, our Facebook page or through email at podcast@midtowncomics.com

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One is the most well known fictional detective of all time. The other is a mysterious escape artist with a background in magic. What do these two have in common? Find out in Dynamite’s new series Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini ,coming this October! In the meantime, Midtown Comics recently had the chance to interview writers Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery (Kill Shakespeare) on this new collaboration for Dynamite Entertainment.

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By Jacobus Dixon

With the arrival of Whiz Comics #2 (later renumbered to #1) and Captain Marvel, National Comics had some true competition against Superman, their star seller. What tipped the balance was a demographic that neither National Comics nor Fawcett Publications really paid much heed to, children. Ever since their onset, comic book magazines were really meant to be an all-ages form of entertainment. And all ages did indeed read them. From Little Lulu to Tarzan to Gasoline Alley, readers from a variety of demographics would indulge in the books to get some disposable entertainment while on the go or whenever they had a little downtime. As long as there was a demand for the comics, the publishers were happy to print them. As long as the profits came in, who cared who was paying for them? Although Captain Marvel was definitely not the first comic to feature a series based around a child or children, it combined the sensibilities of those previous comics with that of the superhero genre, and as a result swayed many children away from Superman to Captain Marvel.

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By Michael Kim

Hello Midtowners.  This is Michael from the back issues department in Long Island City, and I’m here to talk about protecting your collection and how Midtown Comics can help you.  First and foremost, let me remind you that we have a wide selection of supplies for your collectibles in-store and online.  From comic books, magazines, action figures, and cards, we’re here to help!

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