Coming off the incredibly successful Green Hornet motion picture, NOW is the time to see what all the fuss is about at an incredible introductory price!

Dynamite’s Green Hornet comic books continue this April, including The Green Hornet: Aftermath #1, the continuation of the hit Green Hornet film! AND to make it easier to try it to read it, we’re offering issue #1 at $1.99!

The Green Hornet: Aftermath #1 is written by Jai Nitz and has art and a cover by Nigel Raynor! Rocketing out of the events of the monster hit movie! The series follows the continuing adventures of Green Hornet and Kato as a power struggle for control over drug trafficking in Los Angeles turns violent. Green Hornet and Kato are just starting out, but they’ve attracted attention from the cops, the drug pushers, and even Homeland Security! Britt and Kato keep their alter egos hidden, but a new set of masked men on the scene complicates matters.

Also Available In April:

Green Hornet #15 is written by Phil Hester and has art by Jonathan Lau, with covers by Alex Ross, Phil Hester, and Jonathan Lau!  Tragedy and terror combine to destroy the Green Hornet family once and for all. With Kato out of commission, Green Hornet tries his hand at solo crime fighting, but a rookie mistake has tragic consequences that may force Britt Reid Jr. to give up his role as Green Hornet forever. Meanwhile, Hayashi and Clutch Kato return from their mission against the Juuma clan in Japan, but find themselves tailed by the deadliest assassin alive, the mysterious Redhand.

Green Hornet: Blood Ties Trade Paperback is written by Ande Parks and has art and cover by Johnny Desjardins!  Green Hornet: Blood Ties is a precursor to Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet series, and features the original Green Hornet and Kato in action! Ande Parks and Johnny Desjardins tell the exciting story of the last remains of the Italian Crime Family and the Japanese Yakuza. How did the two-man team of The Green Hornet and Kato bring about the fall of all crime in Century City? Find out here!

Collecting the four-issue series, Green Hornet: Blood Ties, plus all of the covers by Johnny Desjardins!

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