05 May, 2011

THOR Movie Review (Minor Spoilers)

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This has been a big comics week for your favorite blogger, and I’ve been busy too!

Thanks to the terrific folks at Marvel Entertainment, I got to attend an advance screening of Thor (along with the Midtown TV crew, which stars… Thor???)! I sat down in the Ziegfield theater for about two hours of Mondo Marvel Magnificence. Ultimate Uru Utilization! Terrific Thor Thrashing… sorry, my inner Stan Lee got out of his cage…

God of Thunder

The movie takes place around the end of Iron Man 2. For those of you who didn’t see Iron Man 2, they showed a crater at the end of the credits, with Mjolnir lying inside of it. Thor has brought Asgard to the brink of war, and he’s been found unworthy of being King of Asgard. His father, Odin, banishes him to Earth to teach him a lesson. He encounters Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and tries to figure out why his father sent him down to Earth. That’s all I want to say about the plot itself, as I think you deserve to see the movie and experience the surprises and amazing adventures yourself.

Hammer Time
Insert MC Hammer Pun here… or 300 pun. Either works.

One of the changes made in the movie has been unpopular with a lot of people: the changing of the Asgardians from gods to aliens. This has been implied in the comics before, but the movie changes the Asgardians to the point of changing the race of characters, specifically Heimdall and Hogun the Grim. I can tell you readily and proudly that it doesn’t affect the characters or the storytelling. Idris Elba does a superlative job as the stoic guardian Heimdall, and Hogun? … well… he’s always been a quiet character, but he was solid when he got to shine.


The effects of the movie were very good, and it warmed my heart to see Thor spin his hammer and have it twirl the same way Jack Kirby drew it. Chris Hemsworth does a great job as the God of Thunder, and the supporting cast does just as good. Kat Dennings, you are now celebrity crush #1 in my book. If you want to do the comparison to the other Marvel movies, Thor is firmly upper echelon, comparable to Iron Man, X-2 and Spider-Man 2. If you’re going to let the origin of the Asgardians bother you, then I can’t dissuade you, but this movie swung it’s hammer around, flung it at my face and left an imprint of awesome on it; a lot of fun, just what you expect from a Hollywood summer blockbuster.

PHEW! I am all blogged out! Thank you again to the terrific people at Marvel for letting some of us Midtown guys in on the fun!

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