10 May, 2011


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Greetings Midtownies! When I went to Super Show two weeks ago, I had the chance to take a look at some small press books. Superheroes are what brought me to the dance, but I truly believe in comics as an art form. So in an attempt to get some more comics in your hands, I’ve decided to review one of them for their benefit: Fracture!

Fracture Pg. 1

Fracture is a book done by Action Lab Entertainment, which is run by my friends (and Super Show exhibitors) Dave Dwonch and Shawn Pryor, who are passionate about doing comics and have some good ideas. We here at Midtown received a copy in the mail of Fracture #1, and I greedily took it (with permission) to review it on my own.

Fracture centers on a character by the name of Jeff. Jeff’s a former athlete who received a nasty injury that cost him his career, and it seems like his life as well. There’s more to it than that though. Jeff has moments where he blacks out, and finds himself in the weirdest situations… like dressed up as the baddest villain in Lower Triton, Malice! Upon further research and examination, it seems like not only is Jeff the villainous Malice, but also his archrival, the heroic Virtue! The journals of each character show that each has no awareness of the other, with the exception of Jeff. Jeff must now figure out a way to stop Malice from committing the most bizarre murder-suicide in comics, his own!

Fracture Page 2

The first issue centers around the unveiling of the mystery, and also of the triple life Jeff/Malice/Virtue leads. It’s very interesting how writer Shawn Gabborin and artist Chad Cicconi add little details in, like the hubris of Malice and Virtue to leave their journals lying around, or the life that Virtue has outside of being a superhero. The first issue allows us to see enough of the lives of all three characters to get a feel for them. Malice is hilariously fleshed out in the backmatter of the book, where we get to see the details of his journal.

Fracture Page 3

Fracture is a departure from most of the superhero genre. It’s a nice change of pace from heavy superhero drama, and with only three issues per miniseries, not a huge investment of resources. The first issue has humor, suspense and drama enough to keep you coming back. I would highly recommend Fracture to anyone who doesn’t want to get heavily invested, but wants a fun, well told story. Fracture is available for pre-order in this month’s Diamond Previews (order code: MAY110783), so order it and enjoy! I believe in  the work that the people over at Action Lab do, and I hope that their books gets some of the recognition it deserves.

That’s all for this time… still got lots of interviews down the pipeline, there’s always comics fun to be had here!

Go Love Some Fracture!


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