Hey there, Midtown Bloggerite! It’s Raph, and I’ve got some Fear Itself goodies! With yesterday’s release of Fear Itself and the Fear Itself Home Front tie-in, we are heading into Marvel’s biggest event of 2011! I got the chance to ask Fear Itself writer and personal friend (hah! If only…) Matt Fraction about the first ish. This will be a very spoiler-ish discussion, so I would suggest waiting until after you’ve read Fear Itself to dive in.


1. Matt, you’ve alluded to the All-Father, Odin, not being the ORIGINAL All-Father. In Fear Itself #1, we see that even Odin is nervous about the coming of the Serpent King, is Odin’s struggle against the King going to eventually play out?

This isn’t the Serpent King that’s coming. This is The Serpent, period– the reason so many cultures around the world associate snakes with treachery and fear. Odin’s afraid of his shadow– his dark half– his Other. And what his returns mean.

Who he is exactly, why Odin fears his return, and what his return means is the story FEAR ITSELF will tell. Promise.

2. We see Thor get taken down by his own father in order for all of Asgard to escape safely, will we see a battle on Asgard?

Things get worse for Thor next issue as we witness Odin resurrect Asgard and ready his tremendous war engines to do battle on Earth. Earth is the battlefield and if we fail to hold the Serpent, surely Asgard will be next.


They look a little nervous…

3. Fear can be a huge debilitator, will we see some of our favorite Marvel heroes succumb to the likes of Fear?

Oh my golly, yes.

Even the greatest of us feel fear…

4. Was there a moment, as a writer, you were in the process of writing this series, stopped, took a step back and said “Whoa, I am determining the fate of the ENTIRE MARVEL UNIVERSE”? How does it feel to be in charge of an event of this scale?

Not so much in those words– I’ve had the feeling that I can’t believe I’m getting away with doing all the stuff I’m doing. It’s… an incredible vote of confidence, it’s a thrill.

And when Stuart, or Wade, or Laura, sends a page in, it gets even better, it gets even more thrilling. Beyond “determining the fate of the ENTIRE MARVEL UNIVERSE” as you say… that I’m a part of such a staggeringly gifted team of artists is off-the-chain nutso.

5. What is the significance of the hammers? We’ve seen in promo pieces how certain characters gain control of hammers. Is this something you decided to do to build on the mythos of Thor? Did Odin get his inspiration for Mjolnir from the Serpent?

Iconographically, it was familiar– if you know anything about THOR, you know about the hammer, the transformation, and the power of the weapon. There was something about introducing a nine-man (and woman) army that could bring earth to its knees with these horrendous weapons… and then I knew we could tease out who got ’em and why… it just felt like this big, cool, strange, ominous thing. The thought that Odin got the idea from someone else, from somewhere else! It all just fit.

And then the idea that there could be counter-we–

–oops. said too much.

WHAT A TEASE! Matt was really helpful and accomidating with his answers, and I’m really glad to have gotten the opportunity to talk to him about this series. This is shaping up to be one of the biggest thrill-rides. Hollywood can have it’s 90 minute explode-o-fests, and I love them too, but while I’m waiting for the credits to start, or have a quiet moment in the park, my nose is deep in a comic, and with it’s unlimited budget, I am thoroughly entertained. Fear Itself might be the biggest summer blockbuster Marvel has (… Thor and Captain America, I’m sorry).

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