25 Sep, 2011

New 52 Reviews: Week 2

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Midtown Blogcessories! Raph here, back with some thoughts on this week’s new 52. Here we GO!


Batman and Robin #1: Peter Tomasi back on Bats! The overall theme with Batman/Bruce is to finally let him get over his parents’ death. He’s still broody, but not overtly so. Damian’s a brat, and past continuity still seems to be in play. Bruce was gone, now he’s back. Fathers and sons…always difficult.

Batwoman #1: Long awaited series finally takes off. Lingering repercussions from the Detective run. Art is nicely done. Bringing Bette Kane (Flamebird, Golden Age Batgirl) back into the hero mix a nice nod back. Kate Kane herself seems like she’s becoming a colder warrior than even her father wanted. New Batman Incorporated member  maybe?

Deathstroke #1: Taking an anti-hero-ish route with ‘Stroke. Is he past his prime? Can an older superhuman assassin still be the BEST assassin? YES. Deathstroke killing people left and right to prove he’s still the best? Sounds like lotsa gory fun! I wonder when his first encounter with a DC hero will be and how it’ll go…

Demon Knights #1: Surprise of the week for me here. I like Paul Cornell’s work, but didn’t read up on anything about Demon Knights. Fun, inventive reinterpretation of Arthurian myth. Uses a lot of classic DC elements well, might be the sleeper series of the entire relaunch. Very nicely done.

Frankenstein: Agent of Shade #1: Jeff Lemire did a Frankenstein mini during Flashpoint that was pretty good. This series? About the same. Too early to tell, to be honest. Frankenstein leading other misfits and freaks on missions to protect us normals? Sounds like a fun trip. Again, nice book that isn’t mainline DCU (ie: major characters like Supes or… the next guy)

Green Lantern #1: Johns pretty much continues his story from where he left off. Sinestro is a GL. Hal isn’t. Hal is REALLY BAD at being a normal everyman: unpaid rent and bills, messing up with the woman he loves… Hal needs the ring BADLY. He can’t live on Earth. Good issue to jump in.

Grifter #1: I honestly didn’t know much about Cole Cash before this issue. He’s a former spec ops solider, now a con man (or … GRIFTER!). Interesting opening, Grifter is being hunted a la Jason Bourne. Trying to find help, not really getting it. He’s in trouble, for our entertainment and benefit.

Legion Lost #1: Sets up the series premise. A handful of Legionnaires are time-lost in our period. Will they get back? Can they? How will they interact with the new DCU timeline? They do seem to be conscious of the New 52 change, so is this some portent of things to come?

Mister Terrific #1: Eric Wallace crafting a techno-murder mystery. Michael Holt is the 3rd smartest man, but what if his enemy is smarter? I like the take on Mr. Terrific, he’s more of a business man now. Dislike the Power Girl demotion. She’s basically a bit player. She should have kept her series!

Red Lanterns #1: RAAAAAGE! Not one word review section, so I’ll elaborate. Atrocitus is undergoing a change, and it seems like he’s going to be more of a Punisher type. The other Red Lanterns? Not so happy, but what happens when your reason to be angry is gone? Interesting question, we’ll see how it’s answered!

Resurrection Man #1: Mitch Shelley can’t die. He can, but he comes back, each time with a new super power. His soul has become valuable. Being chased by Heaven and Hell for your own immortal soul? Sounds pretty cool. Book was pretty cool, if disturbing. Lotsa people die needlessly (in a plane crash) because of Mitch.

Suicide Squad #1: I disliked the change to Harley Quinn’s look, but everything changes right? King Shark was hilarious, shades of Gail Simone’s influence from her Secret Six run. It keeps to the theme and spirit of the original, but the torture scene seemed a little overwrought. Then again, comics are mostly over the top.

Superboy #1: Another surprise. Here, we have a situation where Kon-El NEVER escaped. He NEVER met Superman, and was experimented on his whole life, controlled by an international cabal of power brokers. I liked Superboy’s characterization and supporting cast. Ties into Teen Titans very tightly, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Of this week’s crop, I’d say my absolute top pick would be Demon Knights. I didn’t have any expectations, and it floored me. I was really impressed. Go check it out!

That’s it for this post, next time, I’ll be talking to Matt Fraction about Fear Itself!


– Raph

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