This past Tuesday Jim Lee and Geoff Johns celebrated the Midnight release of Justice League #1 at Midtown Comics Times Square. Fans came out in the full force to meet their favorite creators and the Midtown shutter bug was there to capture all the action! Special thanks to Ron Gejon for all the great shots!

Be sure to check out all 130 photos on our facebook page!

Geoff Johns & Jim Lee serve pizza to the line of excited fans

Supergirl and Black Canary cosplayers

Batwoman artist Amy Reeder shows off some upcoming art to the fans on line

The huge line of DC fans counting down to Midnight

Writer Scott Snyder talks Batman and signs comics for fans on line

First in line gets his Justice League poster and book signed

Jim and Geoff ham it up for the cameras

Writer Ivan Brandon makes a surprise appearance from behind the curtain to say hi

Jim and Geoff take a closer look at a copy of Justice League #1

Geoff and John signing our massive Justice League banner

Thanks again to Ron Gejon for all the amazing pictures. Be sure to check out the rest over on our facebook page!



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