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01 Oct, 2011

DC-The New 52 #2 issues: The Midtown Deal

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Lead Issue 2 Deal

Hey there Midtownites! Raph here with a great announcement for you, the comic book fan, from us, your favorite comic book retailer!
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Starting August 31st, 2011, DC Comics launched a historic renumbering of the entire DC Universe line of comic books with 52 #1 issues, which brings some changes to their iconic characters.  DC Comics-The New 52 was launched with a Midnight event at Midtown Comics’ Times Square store on August 31st, at which Geoff Johns and Jim Lee signed Justice League #1 and Flashpoint #5. See coverage of the event by Newsarama, CNN, and the Village Voice and Midtown Comics.

If you’re still wondering what the New 52 is, DC has your answers in this short video:

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Join us as we celebrate the release of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 and FLASHPOINT #5 with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee at Midtown Comics Times Square for a Midnight Madness release extravaganza!

Purchase of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 and FLASHPOINT #5 are required to attend the signing.

Customers may have up to two items signed per creator, if time allows.

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Pre-Orders for the DC Comics – The New 52 #1’s have been EXTENDED to August 7th!

Hey there Midtownies!  Raph here to talk to you about some of the great things Midtown Comics is going to be doing for the NEW DCU! If you haven’t heard about it, the DC Universe is undergoing a massive, sweeping change in September, and all of the major DC series are being restarted, with new first issues!  We’ve organized all the info you’ll need to bring you up to speed, starting with a fabulous Q&A from DC Comics, entitled “The New 52 and You“,  in which all of the most difficult questions about the relaunch are answered.  DC has also prepared a video starring Jim Lee and Dan Didio, that covers all the angles on the New 52.  You can also check out my thoughts on the release.  THE ENTIRE LIST OF ALL DC #1’S CAN BE FOUND BELOW.

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Here’s the full list of October solicitations from Image Comics with images. Enjoy!

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