Action Comics #1

By Jacobus Dixon

People say to never judge a book by its cover. Well…in the world of comics, that saying tends to be thrown out the window entirely. Ideally, you buy a comic for the art as much as for the storytelling. However, since comics are a visual medium, the art tends to sometimes overshadow the writing in terms of appeal. As a result, it’s what draws crowds to the work in the first place if it’s a new series with a new creative team. And where’s the best place to showcase this art? Well, on the cover of course! The best covers are the ones that capture a purified form of what the story inside is about, and what ideas, events, and characters are featured. As time’s marched on, we’ve been treated to an amazing amount of incredible covers that have launched the franchises of several popular characters. These covers also helped defined popular culture and launched the careers of many artists and creators and made their niche in the pop world. I would like to take a look at some of these covers and figure out just what it is that makes them so famous (or infamous) in our minds’ eye.

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07 Feb, 2012


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We’ve recently gone through the Marvel Universe to give you a good idea of what you should be reading, so it’s time to look at the DCU’s New 52! We took a look at each of the #1’s a few months ago, and now that most of the books have had at least 1 story arc done, let’s look at the relaunch so far:

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Superhero comics are what make comic books epic, mythic even. While it’s nice to see someone reveal their life to us in their own art and words, it’s still pretty cool to see Superman uppercut Darkseid into space! With that said, here are our 5 favorite superhero books right now!

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14 Sep, 2011

50 Word Reviews: DC 52 Part 1

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Midtown Bloggerinos! Raph here this week with a special all-new review format! We’re dropping the previous Twee-view format with the 140 character tweet like reviews and doing short and sweet 50 words reviews! Here they are, in alphabetical order:

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Grant Morrison

HEY THERE MIDTOWN LEGION OF BLOGGERMENTS! Raph here, with a report from the Grant Morrison signing. What a great thrill! I’ll also have some thoughts on his upcoming Superman run. Lotsa comic goodness coming your way in the next few weeks, especially with all the news from SDCC… stay tuned to the blog for more interviews and thoughts! Phew!
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Hello Midtown Blogger League of America! (or wherever you’re from!), Raph here this week and I got some twee views as well as something different. I thought I’d get into a little something we fanboys (and girls) like to do: talk about our favorite things in comics. This time, I want to take a look at some alternate realities, particularly with the Ultimate Universe going through major upheaval and the DCU being re-written in Flashpoint… I wanted to look at some universes and tales that I’ve enjoyed in the four color founts of fun that are comics… gotta get this Stan Lee Alliteration bug out of my system…

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