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All Star Batman #1 variant cover by Tyler Kirkham

Scott Snyder returns to Batman’s world, and he’s teaming-up with artist John Romita Jr.! The first issue of All Star Batman will be available on August 10th, and the wonderful writer will be at Midtown Comics Downtown to celebrate the debut issue of his new comic with the Caped Crusader! Do you want to meet him and get some comics signed? We think it’s pretty safe to assume the answer is yes! Well, all you need to do is enter the contest below.

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Batman cover

Article by Gregg Katzman; cover by David Finch and Jordie Bellaire

This week, six DC Rebirth comics go on sale: Justice League: Rebirth #1, Batman #2, Aquaman #2, Green Lanterns #2, Superman #2, and Green Arrow #2. Well, I’ve read Batman #2 (by Tom King, David Finch, Jordie Bellaire, Matt Banning, and Danny Miki) and I’m here to tell you that it’s awesome. Were you planning to read Batman #2 no matter what I say about it? Odds are the answer is yes for many of you, but some of you out there may still be on the fence, or maybe you completely forgot that a new Dark Knight comic is available tomorrow. If you’re one of those people, hopefully the upcoming babbling will convince you to give it a shot. And for those already looking forward to the comic, I hope this gets you even more excited to read the Caped Crusader’s upcoming issue. Now, I’ll stop with the vague praise and get a little more specific, but don’t worry, this article is spoiler-free! 

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This week is jam packed with guests, as our intrepid hosts Gavin, Gregg, and Ted interview Brad Walker (Aquaman), Declan Shalvey (Civil War II: Choosing Sides, Injection), Scott Snyder (Batman: Rebirth) and Tom King (Batman, The Vision)!

Also, our X-Men Apocalypse signed poster giveaway is extended ONE MORE WEEK!

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Article by Jarrett Kruse

I remember the first time I had watched the live-action Batman TV show starring Adam West & Burt Ward. I was five years old and was completely enthralled at this age of the Caped Crusader. I wanted any and all toys having to do with anything Batman. Now, through the magic of technology, I had a TV show and something to record episodes I missed on. This new gizmo my Dad brought home from NYC was called a “VCR” and Poppa Junkie dropped $800 on it for his growing family.

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DC’s Rebirth has begun! Apparently, the publisher wanted this lesser-known dude named “Batman” to get his very own title and a Rebirth one-shot. We’ve never heard of this guy before, but we have heard he has some fans out there. So, we’re bringing in two excellent writers, Tom King and Scott Snyder, to sign copies of Batman Rebirth #1 and Batman #1 (King wrote both issues; Snyder co-wrote Rebirth #1 with King)! The limited signing will take place at Midtown Comics Downtown on Saturday, June 25th at 2pm. We’re raffling two hundred tickets to the event via the online contest below. It’s time to test your luck, Batman fans!

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After years of anticipation, Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally in theaters! We’ve created two spoiler-free reviews – watch us talk about it above and click here to read our extended thoughts – and now you have the chance to see the film and judge it for yourself. Maybe it’ll be one of your favorite comic book movies, maybe it won’t. But if you are reading this article, it should mean you’ve already seen the movie! If not, go away! There’s potential spoilers ahead! Seriously, shoo! For everyone else, here are the comics you should read after you’ve watched Batman v Superman. Not only will it allow you to appreciate some of the nods that popped up in the film, but they’ll also help you prepare for some of the future DC Comics and Warner Bros. movies.

Some of the below collections are currently out of stock online, but they’re still available in the three Midtown Comics stores!

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