This week Thor and Dimitrios talk to Marvel writer Christos Gage about his work on the hit series Avengers Academy. We also go into detail about writing the upcoming  Captain America: Super Solider video game and the new Dark Horse series Angel and Faith!

Hello Midtown Blog Watchers (yes you too Uatu), Raph’s back with another installment of Fear Itself with Matt Fraction! Matt really outdid himself with Issue number Three of Fear Itself, and we sat down to talk about it. A warning: there are spoilers on the issue itself, as well as a juicy tidbit involving Captain America and Ed Brubaker! Enjoy!


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05 May, 2011

Fear Itself #2 with Matt Fraction

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HERE WE GO AGAIN! Raph’s back with some more goodness! This time, I got Matt to answer some more questions about this week’s Fear Itself #2! Enjoy!

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Last week at a special event sponsored by Marvel and the FDNY held at Midtown Comics, Marvel super heroes Spider-Man and Captain America along with our very own editor Bill Rosemann and members of the FDNY swung by to educate the children of PS 51 Elias Howe on fire safety.

So the Super Bowl has come and gone (Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 26), and the biggest spectacle of advertising has as well. This year, we were treated to three comic book movie spots (What happened Warner Bros.?): Cowboys and Aliens, Thor and the first footage for Captain America: The First Avenger.

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Marvel announces the new Marvel: Point One initiative as a perfect starting point for new readers to the Marvel Universe. 

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